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Welcome back for part 2 of our peek into the Marvel HeroClix: Marvel Knights Fast Forces Pack, set to release alongside the Marvel HeroClix: Avengers/Defenders War set next week.  Last time, we stopped in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City to find Daredevil, Elektra, and Punisher.  Today, we’ll take the train to Midtown and make our way up to Harlem to meet Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist!

Marvel HeroClix: Marvel Knights Fast Forces Part II - Jessica Jones

As the former Avenger Jewel, Jessica Jones had a short super hero adventuring career and stepped out of the costumed life to start her own detective agency, Alias Private Investigations.  With the Marvel Knights and Detective keywords and a full dial of Toughness, Jessica Jones is exactly like her trait, Tougher Than She Seems, which lets her heal a click of damage after she is hit with an attack.  With the Flight symbol on movement, Jessica is ready to make a Superhero Landing with her special power on speed. She can also use Charge and Improved Movement: Ignore Characters. When using Charge, she can choose to not halve her speed value to use Quake at the end of her movement.  After making her entrance, she picks up Flurry mid-dial and has some Perplex peppered throughout her dial.  When she is through messing around and needs to break stuff, she picks up Charge and Super Strength at the end of her dial.  For 75 points, she is a great addition to the Marvel Knights line up.  Leaving Jessica Jones’ office, we head up to Harlem to meet her husband, Luke Cage.

Marvel HeroClix: Marvel Knights Fast Forces Part II - Luke Cage

With unbreakable skin and super strength, Luke Cage lets the bullets bounce off him while flipping tables or smashing through walls. Although, his shirts may get a few holes, he tends come out of altercations unscathed. Weighing in at 75 points, Luke is the Protector Of Harlem and can heal a click of damage when he is given a second action token.  The Indomitable ability lets him get the most out of his trait.  Using Charge to plow right through walls with Improved Movement:  Ignores Blocking Terrain and Destroy Blocking Terrain He Moves Through, Luke Cage pounds the ground with Quake.  Representing his unbreakable skin, he has Invulnerability for three clicks followed by Toughness for three.  As a natural team leader and often the most responsible adult in the room, Luke Cage starts off with a click of Leadership to motivate his allies to extra actions; this can be useful in a themed team whether you are using his Avengers, Heroes For Hire, or Marvel Knights keywords.  He acquires Plasticity later in his dial to keep his opponents close so they can’t harm his friends, but Close Combat Expert allows him to harm his opponents.  Speaking of friends, his long time buddy and business partner Iron Fist is up next.

Marvel HeroClix: Marvel Knights Fast Forces Part II - Iron Fist

The 75 point Immortal Iron Fist comes in with a bunch of keywords: Avengers, Heroes For Hire, K’un Lun, Marvel Knights, Martial Artist, and Mystical.  With his trait, The Immortal Weapon Of K’un Lun, Iron Fist can heal a click of damage whenever he clears action tokens.  As a master of multiple martial fighting techniques, Iron Fist has several options throughout his dial to crack nearly any defenses, as long as the dice don’t give him too many troubles.   With Improved Movement:  Ignore Hindering Terrain and Character Bases he gets to make the most of his opening Charge maneuver along with Sidestep and Leap/Climb later on.  At top-dial he starts with an attack value of 12, defense of 18 with Combat Reflexes, and 3 damage with Close Combat Expert.  After a push to his second click, he gets Flurry and Precision Strike to prevent anyone from dodging his attacks.  The next turn he can clear his action tokens and be healed to top click, ready to Charge on the next turn.  Starting on click number 4, he gains Sidestep, Super Senses, and Exploit Weakness.  On his last click,∫ focuses his Chi to harness healing powers for both himself using Regeneration and for others using Support.

That is everyone.  Putting together a group of street level vigilantes as a single team can be a bit like herding cats.  Thankfully, since everyone in this pack costs 75 points each, it is easy to build a balanced force such that one piece doesn’t over shadow the others and make themselves too tempting of a target. However, none of them can be ignored.  For 300 points, we can fit four of them on a single team.  Let’s see what we can come up with.

75  Daredevil
75  Punisher
75  Jessica Jones
75  Luke Cage
300 Total 

Of course leading with the Marvel Knights keyword, we have starting clicks of Outwit and Perplex on Daredevil and Jessica Jones respectively.  Jessica can double as a taxi to get either Luke Cage or Daredevil closer to the battle where they will be most effective.  Luke Cage is your dedicated close combat muscle and damage sponge.  If you keep Daredevil close to Luke, you can push him and feel confident in making use of his Protector of Hell’s Kitchen trait to heal a click whenever Luke gets targeted for an attack.  You can also choose an Indoor map, like the Morlock Tunnels or Nick Fury’s Safe House, so Luke can plow through the blocking terrain and leave hindering terrain rubble markers in his wake for Daredevil to hide in with his Stealth.  Since Punisher gets to heap on the ranged attack damage, especially if you run across an army of thugs or ninjas and such, make sure you can keep a few firing lanes open for him.

75  Daredevil
75  Elektra
75  Luke Cage
75  Iron Fist
300 Total

If you are going for a straight up close combat grinder kind of team, you can use Daredevil as the sacrificial ‘Guardian Devil,’ which lets him take brunt of the opponent’s attacks to keep from triggering his healing trait while you get the rest of them into charging position.  Again, if you can, pick a map with lots of tight corridors and hindering cover.  A brawl in a tight hallway, especially with a ton of cheap goons, will suit this team just fine.  If you can’t lay on some damage with Iron Fist and Elektra in that environment, then your dice are hexed and it’s time to get new ones (like maybe the MK logo ones in the Marvel Knights Dice & Token Pack!).

Thanks for reading!  Join us again as we reveal more exciting characters and highlight strategies and team builds from the Marvel HeroClix: Avengers/Defenders War set.  Visit the WizKids Info Network to find upcoming Pre-Release Events near you!

Until next time, do like the Night Nurse says and remember your healing traits!