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For today’s Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool and X-Force preview, we fix the spotlight on a former circus snake charmer whose criminal disposition has seen her clash with the likes of multiple members of the Avengers, Ghost Rider and, on one forgettable occasion, Howard the Duck!  Last seen in the Marvel HeroClix: Ultimates, please welcome back Princess Python!

Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool & X-Force - Princess Python

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Princess Python can be added to your force for 30 points and her four-click dial features only one standard power, Mind Control.  With the low point cost and short dial comes a few tricks that will be sure to put the squeeze on your opponent.  Princess Python’s first special power, Time To Train A New Snake, lets you use a power action to place a Python bystander adjacent if none are on the map.  Princess Python’s other special power, Snake Charming, lets her take a power action to give the Python an action as a free action.  The Python is packed with PlasticityBlades/Claws/FangsSuper Senses, and a special power that tags an opposing character on a failed break away attempt with an action token or, if the token can’t be given, with 1 penetrating damage.

You’ll want to keep Princess Python away from the front lines of battle and let the Python get in your opponent’s face.   With the Python’s Plasticity and special power slowing down opposing characters, Princess Python is a great addition to any force.  If themed play is your thing, Princess Python has the FemizonsSerpent Society and Animal keywords as options to build your force around.

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