Rigorous Training — Sidekick Night Training Card

Q. How does this card work?
A. This is the first-ever Sidekick Card. By adding this card to your team, all Sidekicks (Sidekick dice or active characters with the Ally keyword) get bonus defense – including your opponent’s Sidekicks. It takes up one of the spots on your team in place of a character or action card.

Q. Do I place dice on this card?
A. You don’t place any dice on this card at the beginning of the game. Sidekick dice can’t be sent to this card.

Q. Can I use this card in a draft format?
A. Since it doesn’t come in sealed product, you may not add this card to your draft team (it isn’t a Basic Action).

Q. How do I get my hands on one?
A. Simply participate in your local store’s upcoming Sidekick Night event. Need to find a store in your area? Check out our event locator in the WizKids Info Network (WIN).  It’s not too late for stores to participate, so if you your local store hasn’t signed up already, be sure to encourage them to do so!

Q. If I’m unable to participate in Sidekick Night, is there any other way to get this?
A. For now, the only way to obtain this new card is by attending Sidekick Night.

Q. I’m a retailer, how do I obtain these cards to give to my Dice Masters customers?
A. Contact your distributor and let them know you would like to get involved in Sidekick Night. Any store can purchase one kit!

Q. I’m a retailer, how do I know if new players will be interested?
A. We anticipate this event being more popular than any regular OP your store may run since it offers something brand new and caters to a casual crowd. Some stores are using sign-up sheets to gauge interest as well as reaching out to existing players or purchasers of product in their store.

Q. Will there be more Sidekick Cards like this planned in the future?
A. You’ll have to wait and see!

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