Ben Said Scott won a TON of Dice Masters games in Memphis at the Dice Masters World Championships. After his 2nd place finish at US Nationals at Origins Game Fair, Ben knew the title of champion was well within his grasp.

He won the Global Escalation event with a Hope Summers team:

He won the 10/10 Event with an Iceman team:

But most importantly, Ben became World Champion with an awesome control team:

Ben started playing during Avengers vs. X-Men. He was at a local board game store in London with the starter set in the display case, he played his Beast against his friend’s Human Torch, and he’s been hooked ever since. He started out casually with 4 card teams. He didn’t want to mix sets at first, but couldn’t resist building the best teams to win.

He played a ton with his friends in the UK, had a great time traveling the country and making friends. Playing at the UK Games Expo was something he would’ve done as a board game fan, but it was even more special with Dice Masters. He had previously loved games where you could build teams in advance, but also build pools of cards (at the table). Life took Ben to Canada, and Dice Masters has taken him to Philly, Columbus, and now Memphis! Ben’s had fun playing locals in Toronto, Ottawa, and Calgary.

Ben’s been able to stay in touch with, and practice against, some of the top players in the world via webcam.

We asked Ben if he had a favorite format, and he couldn’t pick! The true sign of a dedicated champion, Ben is playing tons of games in a variety of formats against a variety of opponents.

Ben has achieved the pinnacle of Dice Masters success, but he’s still a normal guy like everyone else and has had a blast drafting and trading with everyone all weekend.