Following the anticipated DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League release this Spring, the first DC Dice Masters Storyline Organized Play series: Trinity War kicks off. Stores that support Dice Masters will be able to purchase OP kits that include exclusive promotional cards of the main players of the DC Comics’ Trinity War story arc.

By attending a Dice Masters OP event at one of your local stores, you’ll be able to play against and learn from some of best players in your area, while getting a participation prize just for attending. If you ARE one of the best players in your area, you might just manage to win one of each month’s competitive prizes. The Final Grand Prize of the entire Organized Play storyline, the villainous Atomica from Earth 3, is a character completely exclusive to the event and comes with her own special die. Other characters in the event will feature alternate artwork from the Trinity War comics as well as unique abilities.

As with previous Dice Masters sets, DC Dice Masters: Justice League will support a multitude of terrific competitive formats for tournament play. With constructed play, you can put together the Justice League or Legion of Doom teams you’ve been waiting for. Pit the best lineup you can make against your opponents’ creations. Gain an edge over the competition by practicing and fine tuning each iteration of your constructed teams. Constructed tournaments are where you can make sure your favorite DC Heroes and Villains only have THE BEST supporting them.

For those who want to jump straight into competition, there are Rainbow Drafts. With a little bit of luck and good decision making, anyone can come out on top. In a Rainbow Draft, you pass around stacks of cards, choosing your characters one card at a time. Each rotation of cards will present a new decision to be made. Eventually you’ll have a stack of hand-picked dice and cards to build your team with. Some draft to win and some draft to complete their collection, but it’s a good time for everyone. Every match is different and you must be ready to adapt. Will you come out on top, or be defeated by a card you handed to another player?

Don’t miss out on this Storyline Event! There are even more ways to play, so everyone should be able to find one they love. It’s Organized PLAY, so get to your local game store and have fun (or host a good time for your customers)! The exclusive cards certainly are only part of a good OP Event. Enjoy the experience and be a part of the experience for those you meet.