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Robin leads his team of teenage superheroes including Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire and other sidekicks in the fight to defend humanity. The Teen Titans may seem young, but they are powerful, motivated and ready for action. Not only are they battling with their emotions, independence and adolescence, they are also fighting villains to protect their city.

In the DC Comics Dice Masters: Teen Titans Organized Play, players face off on the tabletop in tournament play at their FLGS for the chance to win exclusive prizes.

For Retailers

As a participating store in the program, you will need to register your store in the WizKids Event System (“WES”). If you haven’t already registered your store, please make sure you visit the WizKids Event System and click “Create New STORE Account.” If you have any questions or problems, contact and put “WizKids Event System” in the subject line.

Once your store is registered in the WES, you can schedule your DC Comics Dice Masters: Teen Titans OP event using the official template in the “create an event” section of the site!

As a participating store in the program, you will register your store and your events in our database using a simple browser-based interface. The information you provide will populate our event locator that will direct visitors of to your store to participate in the DC Comics Dice Masters events.

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For Players

Use the system to connect with stores and other players worldwide as well as find events in your area or while you’re on the road. As a registered Dice Masters player you will also be able to keep abreast of new releases and events in your area as they become available.

The DC Comics Dice Masters: Teen Titans Organized Play (OP) is the first Dice Masters Organized Play event series based on the DC Comics Universe.


Each Teen Titans Organized Play Kit includes:

  • Twenty (20) Robin: Teen Titans Team Leader Participation Prize Cards
  • Five (5) Raven: Rachel Roth Limited Edition Prize Cards
  • Five (5) Starfire: Powerful Friend Limited Edition Prize Card
  • Instruction Sheet

Stores interested in participating should contact their Dice Masters distributor today!

Players interested in participating can find stores and events in their area through the WizKids Event System!

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