Spider-Man and Venom are often foes but will join forces to stop Carnage in a HeroClix set that can’t be missed!


Release Date September 2020
Genre Collectible Miniatures Games
Game Time 1+ Hrs
Ages 14+ 
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Expand Your Set With Boosters!

Spider-Man and Venom Absolute Carnage features exciting characters that fans will recognize from across the Marvel Universe like Spider-ManGreen GoblinMysterio, and more! Fans will find more Venomized versions of beloved characters like Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange as well as characters that have never been clixed like KnullScreamWhite Rabbit, and more!

Exciting new gameplay will highlight characters’ secret identities, symbiotes, and extra special bonuses for keywords and themed teams!

Every booster will come with 5 pre-painted figures and select boosters will come with a bonus equipment-objects like Pumpkin BombsCarnage Symbiote, and All-Black the Necrosword to use on your HeroClix team!

In addition to classic characters, there will be some NEVER BEFORE SEEN characters created exclusively for this set from the Spider-Verse like Spider-Man 1776Spider-Pharaoh, and Leonardo da Venom!

This booster set contains (*Contents subject to change):

  • 17 Commons (plus 1 Prime)
  • 17 Uncommons (plus 1 Prime)
  • 16 Rares (plus 1 Prime)
  • 12 Super Rares (plus 1 Prime)
  • 8 Chases
  • 7 Equipment Objects (included with select figures in 5-Figure Boosters)

SKU: 73493

MSRP for Booster: $129.90

Also Coming Soon!

Marvel HeroClix: Spider-Man and Venom Absolute Carnage Dice and Token Pack

The Marvel HeroClix: Spider-Man and Venom Absolute Carnage Dice and Token Pack contains 2 custom dice featuring a special logo to match the set, and 6 action tokens featuring fan-favorite characters from the release! Tokens will also have a bystanders on the back to use with characters that generate them in the set!

Dice and Token Packs are a great way to enhance your HeroClix experience!

MSRP: $9.99
SKU: 73497

Marvel HeroClix: Spider-Man and Venom Absolute Carnage Fast Forces

Celebrate the release of Spider-Man and Venom Absolute Carnage with a new Fast Forces set featuring characters of Spider-Man allies and foes, including some characters that can be used with the secret identity mechanic found on characters in the booster brick. Look for Spider-ManVenomBlack CatCarnageMysterio, and Ghost-Spider in this exciting new Fast Forces.

Once a player already has a Starter Set, a Fast Forces is a great way for them to construct a new team and expand their collection!

MSRP: $16.99
SKU: 73495




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