HeroClix ClixFX Bases are sculpted game accessory items that fit under HeroClix figure bases and act as visual indicators of on-going game effects from standard or special powers.

The ClixFX Accessory Kit contains the following ClixFX bases:

  • 3 Smoke ClixFX Bases
  • 2 Ice/Wall ClixFX Bases
  • 1 Energy ClixFX Base
  • 1 Slash ClixFX Base
  • 1 Web ClixFX Base
  • 1 Fire ClixFX Base
  • 1 Wind ClixFX Base
  • 1 Water ClixFX Base

SKU: 72466

The ClixFX Bases are flat plastic disks that fit under a single-base figure with a sculpted visual effect that can be seen above the base on roughly one third of the circumference of the base— this allows the ClixFX Bases not only to be used under larger base figures, but also so that multiple ClixFX Bases (up to 3) can be stacked under a single single-base.

ClixFX Bases are available in stores as a HeroClix Accessory Kit for use to indicate standard power game effects, such as Smoke Cloud and Barrier.  ClixFX Bases will also be included with certain characters in upcoming sets that will utilize ClixFX Bases to indicate their specific traits/special powers/etc.