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Star Trek: Attack Wing World Champion Peter Smith Interview

It feels great to be the champion of Star Trek: Attack Wing. It was a hard fought battle to the top! It was even better that Joseph and I made it to the finals as we have had many grudge matches at our local venues.

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D&D Attack Wing World Champion Josh Warren Interview

Q: How does it feel to be named 2015 World Champion in D&D Attack Wing? I think it’s an amazing feeling. After putting so much time and effort into a hobby of mine, being named the World Champion is a dream come true! I feel blessed!

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2015 WizKids World Championships WINNERS!

Origins Game Fair 2015 has sadly come to an end, but hopefully all who participated left with a lot of new friends, memories, and even some limited edition prizes! There was tons of intense gaming all week long as we witnessed many different kinds of strategies from all the players that took part.

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Journal Entry #77- Young Blue Dragon

With the monastery secured and Lijanne’s remains resting peacefully in the surrounding hills, we have taken a moment to rest atop the ramparts. While we await Bellatoris and Milo to deliver new orders, we have begun to tell stories of our various exploits over the past season. Most interesting is a tale of a run-in with Ulharos, a young blue dragon. Numerous rumors have been told of the young offspring of Eshaedra, and our fellow confirmed many of them. The young dragon evidently takes great glee in finishing off his opponent, as if he grows stronger with the death of each foe. Like his mother, he wields devastating Lightning Breath and prefers to stay far from his target, all the better to Snipe at them from unsuspecting angles. Ever the Opportunist, Ulharos has no issue with seeking out an injured opponent and having his way with them.

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Journal Entry #76- Earth Cult Warrior

We have arrived at the Sacred Stone Monastery and our hopes of finding Lijanne alive and well have diminished. It appears evident that the masters of this place are members of the Cult of the Black Earth and whatever counsel she may have received here was likely meted out from the tip of a sword. Valen Shatterhelm stands boldly at the base of the monastery’s elevated rampart, silently daring anyone to approach his forces. With Claws of the Umber Hulk in each hand, he stands poised to rend, in one stroke, the armor, flesh and bone of anyone foolish enough to get too close to him. His grim visage seems to shimmer, possibly magically enhanced by Armor Crystals, making him nearly impervious to breath attacks.

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Journal Entry #75- Pegasus

After our successful mission to the Rivergard Keep, I and several of my companions have been chosen to partake in an expedition to the Sacred Stone Monastery to determine the whereabouts of Lijanne, a gifted seer of the Emerald Enclave. Leading our party is Milo Timberheart, a human ranger astride Bellatoris, a mighty pegasus. Stories have circulated about the many battles they have undertaken together, with Milo providing cover fire as Bellatoris flies into action. Aurelia, a human cleric, has also been known to accompany the pegasus on joint missions, keeping the majestic mount protected by means of her Death Ward spell.

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Star Trek: Attack Wing Announcement

Hello Star Trek: Attack Wing Players, Thank you for your continued support of Star Trek: Attack Wing. We want to thank everyone for coming out to the US National Championship, the Canadian National Championship and for all the ongoing in-store tournament support. We also want to offer special congratulations to our new National Champions, Danial [...]

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2015 Star Trek: Attack Wing U.S. National Championship Top 4 Builds

1st – Danial W. Dattola Borg Sphere – 38 SP Jean-Luc Picard – Captain – 7 SP Borg Sphere – 38 SP Tactical Drone – Captain – 3 SP Worf – Admiral – 2 SP 1stWave Attack Fighters – 24 SP Galor Class Phaser Banks – Squadron – 7 SP Officer Exchange Program [...]

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