Hillside, NJ – November 22, 2019 – Come to the WizKids demo area at PAX Unplugged to compete in D&D’s in-universe card game in character!

In the newest edition of Three Dragon Ante, you can select special abilities based on your character’s background and training to add more flavor when playing in-game.  In this tournament, you can use your own character or create a new one, selecting appropriate powers, or select an archetype with pre-set powers from a list of options. Playing in character, or even in costume is highly encouraged (but not required!)

Tournaments will be held on both Friday and Saturday, with qualifying rounds at 10AM, 12PM and 2PM. Each round will have two games with six players each, and the winners of each of the six games will meet at 4PM for the finals, with the overall winner taking home their own copy of the game!
You can sign up in the Demo Hall.

For more information about the tournament, including a list of abilities, click here.

See you at PAX!