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WizKids Announces New Partnership with Games Workshop

October 19, 2017 – Hillside, NJ – WizKids, the leader in high-quality pre-painted miniatures and established board games, today revealed a multi-year partnership with acclaimed fantasy miniatures company, Games Workshop. The new partnership will extend the Warhammer 40,000 universe IP across multiple categories, including, Dice Building Games™, board games and more!


#WEAREHEROCLIX  Video Contest Thank you for an amazing 15 years of HeroClix!  Join us in celebrating this amazing anniversary both at home and at your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS). Learn more…


Stream of Annihilation For those of you who missed out on the Stream of Annihilation, we have you covered! Learn all about our upcoming Tomb of Annihilation product lines in a great interview with WizKids’ very own Justin Ziran and Bryan Kinsella here!


Dice Masters

DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman TAS

Batman’s animated adventures take to a new level as he trains and teams up with Robin and Batgirl. Robin will be forced to confront the man who arranged for his family to have an “accident” at the circus. Batgirl will fight the same criminals as her father, Commissioner Gordon. All in all, together there is no challenge in Gotham – or anywhere else – too big for these heroes to face.


DC Comics HeroClix: Invisible Jet Colossal OP

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane speeds through the skies and onto the tabletop for this all-new Colossal OP Event! Register at your FLGS today!

Attack Wing

Star Trek: Attack Wing: Chronological Chaos OP

Your fleet arrives in an unexplored sector of space to investigate a series of subspace anomalies causing large scale time fluctuations across the quadrant. Will you use these anomalies to your advantage to defeat your enemies or will you try to find the source of the anomalies as quickly as possible and leave your enemy behind? Register for this event at your FLGS today!

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