Rev. 7.18.19

Special Notice: For guests who have completed their reservation at The Guest House at Graceland, we expect the Graceland Tour Ticketing office who will be administering the TCB package to send emails out beginning 7/19 continuing through next week. Keep an eye on your email over the next few days!

We’ve received plenty of questions about WizKids World Championships at Graceland, and we’ll be updating this page as needed to address the most frequent inquiries.

Q. Is there an entry fee or badge required to get in? Do I need to buy a ticket for Graceland to participate in Worlds?

A. No – entry to the event is free! Please note, however, that there is a fee for on-site parking (see below).

Q. Please tell me more about the swag bag of goodies given away to attendees? Will everyone get one?

A. There will be a gift given to each registered guest of The Guest House at the Gracelandthat have purchased the ‘WizKids World Championship TCB Tour Package’. The gift is limited to guests only as a part of the ‘WizKids World Championship TCB Tour Package’, so remember to ensure that your name is listed on your room as a registered guest.

Q. What’s included in the ‘WizKids World Championship TCB Tour Package’?

A.For $49 per person, you’ll receive a gift in the form of swag bag that includes the following items* and more:

  • One 2019 Elvis Experience Tour Ticket (a $66 value, includes seeing the airplanes!)
  • One Marvel HeroClix: Storm 2019 Convention Exclusive Figure (not yet released)
  • One DC HeroClix: Bombshells Raven 2019 HeroClix Convention Exclusive Figure
  • One HeroClix Convention Exclusive Prize Figure (from earlier than 2019)
  • One free entry into a HeroClix Battle Royale. We will have the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: X-Men the Animated Series The Dark Phoenix Saga for our Battle Royales– Play the set before it releases! (while supplies last)
  • And more!

*Content subject to change. While supplies last.

Q. Can I get the ‘WizKids World Championship TCB Tour Package’ without staying at The Guest House at Graceland?

A. No – this special offer is only available to people staying at The Guest House at Gracelandunder the WizKids World Championship room block, while supplies last.

Q. What if I don’t play HeroClix, is there a different Tour Package?

A. If you’re attending WizKids World Championships to play Dice Masters or Attack Wing you’ll be able to exchange the Battle Royale voucher for the ability to play in a different side event of your choice on-site. There won’t be a substitution of the HeroClix Convention Figure.

Q. My friend is booking our room and registering it in his name, how do I get added?

A. Each guest can provide their name and up to 3 additional guests’ names on the room at the time of booking.

Q. How do I purchase the ‘WizKids World Championship TCB Tour Package’?

A. Once a guest books the hotel reservation, they will receive an email to “purchase this special offer!” at the email address they provided during booking. This offer will be valid for up to 4 guests and all must be registered in the room to receive the gift and admission into the event.

Quick recap!

  1. Make reservation with hotel
  2. Give valid email as part of reservation
  3. The Tour Ticketing Office will contact you via your email that you provided when making the reservation
  4. The ‘WizKids World Championship TCB Tour Package’can be purchased once by each named guest on the room reservation (up to 4 per room)

*Remember – all guests in the room MUST have their names and valid email on the reservation.

Q. Is there on-site parking? 

A. Yes, on-site parking is available for a fee:
$10 for standard vehicles
$15 for oversized vehicles

Note:Guests registered for the WizKids World Championships Room Block in The Guest House at Graceland can park for $5 per day in the hotel parking lot.

Q. Is WiFi included in the ‘WizKids World Championship TCB Tour Package’?

A. WiFi is an amenity of the hotel and included in the Resort Fee of $13.25. The Resort Fee is a one time charge for all guests. There is also public WiFi available for everyone in the GEC.

Q. Can I pick up the TCB swag bag for everyone registered to my room?

A. No, each person will need to show up with their ID to pick up their swag bag.