Play in Battle Royales to compete for 2015 Convention Limited Edition prize figures!

Get Ready! Battle Royale Weekend Begins August 8, 2015!

Battle Royale Weekend!

Greetings HeroClix Players and Retailers!

We’re challenging players in a big way this August – with a special Battle Royale Weekend Organized Play event! During the weekend of August 8, participating FLGS will be hosting special “Battle Royale” events, where players will show off their HeroClix prowess in an attempt to win awesome 2015 Convention limited edition prize figures!

Participating stores will receive a variety of awesome limited edition prizes for players to battle over, so don’t wait, get your store in the WES system immediately.

Players…if you haven’t set up a WES profile yet, now would be a great time to get started!

For Retailers

As a store participating in the program, you will need to register your store in the Wizkids Event System (“WES”). If you haven’t already registered your store, please make sure you visit the Wizkids Event System and click “Create New STORE Account.” If you have any questions or problems, contact and put “WizKids Event System” in the subject line.

Once your store is registered in the WES, you will need to schedule your Battle Royale Weekend event by August 1 to participate in the August 8th and 9th weekend event! This will allow players time to sign up for participation in your store.

As a participant in the program you will register your store and your events in our database using a simple browser-based interface. The information you provide will populate our event locator that will direct visitors of to your store to participate in the Battle Royale Weekend event.

For Players

Use the system to connect with Stores and other players worldwide as well as find events in your area or while you’re on the road. As a registered HeroClix player you will also be able to keep abreast of new releases and events in your area as they become available.

Is Your Store Registered In The Wizkids Event System? Check Now!

August brings the Battle Royale to Wizkids Event System and Organized Play! Players will have an opportunity to play in Battle Royales to compete for 2015 Convention limited edition prize figures!

Tournament Structure

    • Battle Royales (BRs)
      • 4 players on a single Battle Royale map (2’x2’)
      • 1 pack booster draft
      • At end of game, a prize pool is created
        • All figures pulled from boosters
        • One random CON LE is added to prize pool
      • Players snake draft in order or placement

Battle Royale Kits

  • 2015 Marvel Battle Royale Kit—
    • One double-sided 2’x2’ Battle Royale Map
    • One 2015 Marvel HeroClix Spider –Ham Convention LE Prize Figure
    • One 2015 Marvel HeroClix Ghost Rider Convention LE Prize Figure
    • One 2015 Marvel HeroClix Loki Convention LE Prize Figure
  • 2015 DC Battle Royale Kit—
    • One double-sided 2’x2’ Battle Royale Map
    • One 2015 DC HeroClix The Weird Convention LE Prize Figure
    • One 2015 DC HeroClix Adam Strange Convention LE Prize Figure
    • One 2015 DC HeroClix Animal Man Convention LE Prize Figure
  • Battle Royale Kits will be split evenly between the Marvel and DC Battle Royale Kits
    • Stores may receive up to 4 kits total (2 DC Comics and 2 Marvel)
Stores interested in participating should have a user account in the WizKids Event System (WES) and be in good standing. Up to 500 stores will be selected to participate (limit 1 event per store).

Store Selection Process

  • Selection based on WES performance
    • Scheduling of events
    • Participation in event
  • Selected stores will be approved to receive 4 Battle Royale Kits depending on performance
  • In order to receive the Battle Royale Kits, stores will be required to purchase a sufficient amount of qualifying product to support booster draft Battle Royale games for the amount of prize support provided
  • Selection will be made on July 1

Players interested in participating can find stores in their area in the WizKids Event System!

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