Compete in special “micro”-tournaments for a chance to win an exclusive Ant-Man Avenger ID card that will not be available anywhere else!

Get Ready! A Special Weekend of HeroClix Tournam-Ants Begins July 18, 2015!

Ant-Man “Micro” – Tournament Weekend!

Attention HeroClix Fans and Retailers!

The weekend of July 18 is going to be incredible for super-fans, as Marvel’s Ant-Man releases in theaters, while at the same time, WizKids will be launching special Ant-Man-themed micro-tournaments in partnership with US retailers.

At stake is more than just players’ reputations in the WES system, but exclusive Ant-Man “Avengers ID” cards that players can use in their own HeroClix games. These ID cards allow the player to bring in support characters to help during HeroClix games, and will only be available as prizes during the Ant-Man Micro-tourneys, so don’t miss out!

Retailers, is your store already in the Wizkids Event System? If not, now’s a great time to get signed up, as we’ll be choosing 400 tournament participants from some of the top WES participating retailers, and 100 random WES stores.

After you’ve placed your order with your distributor, don’t forget to put your events in the WizKids Event System by July 1!

For Retailers

As a store participating in the program, you will need to register your store in the Wizkids Event System (“WES”). If you haven’t already registered your store, please make sure you visit the Wizkids Event System and click “Create New STORE Account.” If you have any questions or problems, contact and put “WizKids Event System” in the subject line.

Once your store is registered in the WES, you will need to schedule your Ant-Man “Micro”- Tournament Weekend event by July 1 to participate in the July 18 and 19th weekend event! This will allow players time to sign up for participation in your store.

As a participant in the program you will register your store and your events in our database using a simple browser-based interface. The information you provide will populate our event locator that will direct visitors of to your store to participate in the Ant-Man “Micro”- Tournament Weekend event.

For Players

Use the system to connect with Stores and other players worldwide as well as find events in your area or while you’re on the road. As a registered HeroClix player you will also be able to keep abreast of new releases and events in your area as they become available.

Is Your Store Registered In The Wizkids Event System? Check Now!

During Ant-Man “Micro” Tournament weekend players compete in special “micro”-tournaments for a chance to win an exclusive Ant-Man Avengers ID cards that will not be available anywhere else!

Micro Tournament Structure

  • 4 players
  • 1 booster pack draft
  • 2 round
  • Single-elimination

Prize Support

One 10-pack of Ant-Man Avengers ID cards

  • 10 ID Cards will support 10 “Micro”-tournaments
  • The Ant-Man Avengers ID Cards may only be used as prize support for this promotional event

 Winning Prize

1 Exclusive Ant-Man ID Card will be awarded to the winner of each micro-tournament

Stores interested in participating should have a user account in the WizKids Event System (WES) and be in good standing. Up to 500 stores will be selected to participate (limit 1 event per store).

Store Selection Process

  • 400 have been reserved for the top 400 stores in the WES
  • 100 have been awarded to random stores from the top 1000 stores based on purchase history (if not chosen previously)

Players interested in participating can find stores in their area in the WizKids Event System!

Legion Comics 3248 Cahaba Heights Rd Birmingham AL
Bud’s Place 8044 Parkway Dr. Leeds AL
HobbyTown USA 1550 Opelika Road #23 Auburn AL
The Rogue’s Gallery 2322 East Matthews Ave Jonesboro AR
Imagine Hobbies & Games 8122 Highway 107, Ste. C Sherwood AR
Samurai Comics 1051 E. Camelback Rd. Phoenix AZ
Heroes and Villains 4533 East Broadway Tucson AZ
Game On! 7025 E Florentine Suite 106 Prescott Valley AZ
Hat’s Games 3921 E. 29th st. Suite 310 Tucson AZ
Isle of Games 7747 E Brodway Blvd Tucson AZ
Emerald Knights Comics 4116 W. Burbank Blvd. Burbank CA
Cosmic Odyssey 1241 Highland Avenue National City CA
The Gaming Spot 6403 Seven Seas Ave. Ste. 7 Bakersfield CA
Adventures in Comics and Games 6026 Fair Oaks Blvd Carmichael CA
Public Pizza 13762 Clark ave Bellflower CA
Mega City One 7301 Melrose Ave Los Angeles CA
The Realm, Games & Comics 1033 E Imperial Hwy E3 Brea CA
Collectors Ink 2593 HIGHWAY 32 CHICO CA
Comic Cult 1047 W Carson St. Torrance CA
Best There Is Comics & Games 3031 Foothills Blvd suite 125 Roseville CA
HeroesandDice Heroes And Dice, 37555 Sycamore Street Newark CA
All Ways Gaming 21032 Devonshire Street Chatsworth CA
8-Bit Gamers 2403 De La Cruz Blvd. Santa Clara CA