It’s a Trap!

Rating/Difficulty: Rookie Level

1) The Game State

Your opponent has repeatedly said that action dice aren’t worth buying. You have purchased both a Trap Hole and a Ring of Magnetism, and you’re ready to show them how wrong they are. Plus, they have been using their Harpie Lady character to keep a huge supply of Sidekick blockers.

It’s time to show your opponent the error of their ways, and use your non-character cards to let you hit your opponent’s life total for the full 20. Show them the power of team synergy.

2) The Play Area

Your opponent has the following dice in the field (13 total):

  • Sidekick x 7 (Yes, 7 fielded Sidekicks in their field)
  • Harpie Lady x 3 – All level 1
  • Injection Fairy Lily – level 1
  • Injection Fairy Lily – level 3
  • Slifer the Sky Dragon – level 3

You have the following dice:

… in the Field Zone:

  • none

… in your Reserve Pool:


  • Marshmallon – level 2
  • Red-Eyes B. Dragon – level 2

Action Dice:

  • Trap Hole
  • Ring of Magnetism


  • Sidekick on Wild Energy
  • Sidekick on Mask Energy
  • Sidekick on Bolt Energy

… in your Used Pile:

  • n/a

… in your Prep Area:

  • n/a

… in your dice bag:

  • n/a

Click on card to expand image.

3) The Teams

Your Opponent’s Team:

  • Harpie Lady: Cyber Slash
  • Injection Fairy Lily: Rocket Attack
  • Silfer the Sky Dragon: Lightning Blast

Your Team:

  • Marshmallon: Fluffy Fairy
  • Red-Eyes B. Dragon: Inferno Fire Blast
  • Ring of Magnetism: Monster Attraction
  • Trap Hole: Wide

Basic Action Cards:

  • Horn of the Unicorn
  • Swords of Revealing Light
4) Solution to the Puzzle:

Luckily for us, Red-Eyes has the power to deal the 20 damage himself, if only we can get him through our opponent’s defenses. We are going to have to think outside the box, and use our Trap Hole to maximum effect.

  1. Use the Bolt Energy in our reserve pool to increase our Opponent’s level 1 Injection Fairy Lily‘s Attack from 1 to 2.
  2. Use your Trap Hole. We have to determine the “lowest attack value of a non-sidekick monster”, which is now the level 1 Injection Fairy Lily and all those level 1 Harpie Lady dice, because they all have an Attack of 2. Now Trap Hole will KO all monsters with an attack of 2. Now your opponent only has Slifer, 1 Injection Fairy Lily, and all those Sidekicks. (Don’t worry, the sidekicks will be leaving soon)
  3. Field your Marshmallon for free.
  4. Field Red-Eyes using your Mask Energy and your Wild Energy.
  5. Use your Ring of Magnetism, playing it on your Marshmallon.
  6. Attack with Marshmallon and Red-Eyes. Red-Eyes‘ ability activates, knocking out your opponent’s 7 Sidekicks, and giving your Red-Eyes +14 Attack, making his attack now 20!
  7. Your opponent only has 2 blockers left, and because of Ring of Magnetism, their 2 blockers have to block your Marshmallon. Red-Eyes now gets through unblocked.

20 damage, from one dragon. Victory. Good job!