It is time to teach the Borg that resistance is NEVER futile with the Bioship Omega in the new Star Trek: Attack Wing Reinforcement Booster Brick.

This October Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play Events will feature a series of ten blind reinforcement boosters to be used during events held over the next year. To prepare you for what you will find inside these blind boosters, let’s take an in depth look at the ships, continuing with the Species 8472, Bioship Omega.

If you are looking for raw firepower, the BioShip Omega may be the perfect ship for you. Outside of the Borg, there are very few options to gain a natural primary weapon attack with a value of six.  This seems very appropriate for Species 8472, whom the Borg described as the “apex of biological evolution.” Looking at the newest edition to the Species 8472 faction, it is clear that the Bioship Omega is something to be feared by the Borg and all other factions alike.  This powerhouse of a ship boasts a hefty six primary weapon value, followed by a nice two agility, moderate five hull and healthy six shields. If the basic stats of this ship aren’t enough to make you want to play this ship, then let’s take a look at the ship’s special ability. If Bioship Omega inflicts 2 critical damage to an enemy ship’s hull, you may flip the damage cards face down (ignoring the critical damage text) and rotate the damaged ship’s facing by 90 degrees. This special ability is amazing and will be crippling to almost anything you face on the battlefield. Being able to spin your opponent 90 degrees will force them to move in an unexpected direction, leaving some ships unable to recover. At a hefty 38 points for the named ship, you won’t have much room for upgrades in a 40 point blind booster build, but there are still upgrades in this blind booster pack to consider. If you take the generic Species 8472 Bioship at 36 SP you will lose one shield and a weapon slot, but you can use the Energy Weapon Upgrade. Energy Weapon allows you to discard this card to immediately make an additional attack against an enemy ship that ends its movement in your forward firing arc. You roll -3 attack dice during this attack and then place an Auxiliary Power Token beside your ship after the attack. If this isn’t enough damage potential for you, Bioship Omega Pilot has a special ability that allows you to take an action to disable this card and 2 of your Active Shields to target a ship at Range 1, and inflict 1 critical damage to the target ship’s hull. The ability to damage a ship’s hull, even if it has active shields is incredibly powerful and proves why the Species 8472 are the only faction to make the Borg flee in terror.

To keep things balanced, most ships in the blind reinforcement booster packs come with one Elite Talent, one Crew Upgrade, one Tech Upgrade and one Weapon Upgrade. Bioship Omega breaks this general rule. The Bioship Omega does not have Elite Talents or Crew Upgrades, so instead you will find two extra Tech Upgrades. The first Tech Upgrade in this blind booster is Neuro Peptides. If you discard Neuro Peptides you can perform an action from your Action Bar as a free action. The next Tech Upgrade is Organic Conduits. This upgrade allows you to treat a red maneuver as a white maneuver by discarding Organic Conduits. Turning a red maneuver into a white maneuver means you wont get an Auxiliary Power Token and therefore you won’t lose your action this turn, all for 1 SP. The last Tech Upgrade in this blind booster pack is Resistant Hull. Species 8472 is the one alien race that can’t be assimilated by the Borg and the new Tech Upgrade, Resistant Hull, helps demonstrate that ability. Resistant Hull allows you to roll your full defense dice in spite of the presence of an opposing ship’s Scan Token. Additionally, if a Borg Upgrade affects your ship Captain or one of your Upgrades, roll 1 defense die. If you roll an Evade result, the effect is canceled.

Players will enjoy this blind booster, because it expands on the Species 8472 Faction, with new upgrades and provides powerful options for fleet building in the future. Specifically, players who are frustrated with the Borg or other powerful ships will want to add Bioship Omega to their collections as a ship that can stand toe to toe with anyone or anything. Where once you were the chased, you are now the predator hunting down the Borg and anything else that dares stand in your way!

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