Star Trek: Attack Wing is a tactical space combat HeroClix miniatures game, featuring collectible pre-painted ships from the Star Trek Universe.

Utilizing the FlightPath™ maneuver system, command your fleet in space combat & customize your ship with a captain, crew, weapons and tech upgrades.

Choose fleets from the Dominion, Federation, Klingon and Romulan factions based on abilities, maneuvers, upgrades and more.

With expansions and scenarios being offered monthly and tournament play available at FLGS, there are many opportunities to improve your skills, practice with new ships and create your own strategy to defeat opponents.


Release Date August 2013
Genre HeroClix Miniatures Game
Game Time 1+ Hrs
Ages 14+

Rules Revised 9.14.17

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Starter Set

Star Trek Attack Wing


Welcome to Star Trek: Attack Wing, an exciting, fast-paced miniatures battle game set in the Star Trek Universe. Players control Federation, Klingon or Romulan Starships — outfit them with captains, crew, weapons & tech upgrades — and command their fleet to complete missions or exert control over a sector of space. 

Component List:

  • 1 Full Rule Book
  • 1 Quick-Start Rules Booklet
  • 3 Painted Ships Miniatures:
    • U.S.S. Enterprise-D/ Galaxy-class ship
    • I.R.W. Khazara/ D’deridex-class hip
    • I.K.S. Maht-H’a/ Vor’cha-class ship
  • 3 Transparent Plastic Bases with 6 Pegs
  • 3 Ship Tokens (double-sided)
  • 14 Captain ID Tokens
  • 13 Maneuver Templates
  • 3 HeroClix™ Maneuver Dials (each consisting of a faceplate, a dial, and a pair of plastic connectors)
  • 15 Action Tokens
  • 12 Shield Tokens (Double-sided)
  • 3 Critical Hit Tokens
  • 3 Auxiliary Power Tokens
  • 12 Disabled Upgrade Tokens
  • 1 Minefield Token
  • 1 Planet Token
  • 12 Mission Tokens
  • 6 Objective Tokens
  • 6 Ship Cards
  • 3 Maneuver Cards
  • 7 Captain Cards
  • 17 Upgrade Cards
  • 33 Damage Cards
  • 5 Red Attack Dice
  • 5 Green Defense Dice
  • 1 Range Ruler

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SKU: 71120


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