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UPDATE: Adventurer's Camp (Unpainted)

Print mistakes can happen from time to time and while we try to do everything in our power to make sure the manufacturing process goes smoothly, we are not immune. It has come to our [...]


#WEAREHEROCLIX  Video Contest Thank you for an amazing 15 years of HeroClix!  Join us in celebrating this amazing anniversary both at home and at your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS). Learn more…


Stream of Annihilation For those of you who missed out on the Stream of Annihilation, we have you covered! Learn all about our upcoming Tomb of Annihilation product lines in a great interview with WizKids’ very own Justin Ziran and Bryan Kinsella here!


Dice Masters

Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny Inhumans OP
Black Bolt and Medusa stand ready to battle all who would threaten Attilan or the Inhumans no matter the consequences. Join the most Uncanny royal family (and their loyal pet) in the Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny Inhumans Monthly OP Kit.


Marvel HeroClix: Very Uncanny Avengers OP 
The Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Voodoo and Synapse of the Inhumans team up under Commander Steve Rogers to fight against the Red Skull! Also find Scarlet Spider, the very unstable clone of Peter Parker, and field him to victory on the tabletop!

Attack Wing

Star Trek: Attack Wing: Resource Rumble OP
Your fleet arrives at the scene of a massacre of several ships of unknown origin. You’ve been tasked with recovering anything of interest from the scene in order to bolster your fleet as well as preventing any opposing factions from gathering anything potentially harmful. Register for this event at your FLGS today!

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