Team Play is a partner game. Two players per team help each other in trying to fulfill missions using their hand cards.


Release Date January 2018
Genre Board Game
Game Time 30 Min
Ages 10+
Players 3-6
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Team Play

Your team is striving to gain the most points by accomplishing mission cards. These cards require various combinations of number cards: getting two pairs of uneven numbers, or having 3 low numbers, or 5 consecutive red numbers, etc.

You and your partner must be able to read each other’s needs, helping to accomplish missions by passing each other crucial cards at the right time. But the other team(s) is also trying to accomplish missions so you have to work smart and fast. You are hard pressed to do this on your own, so team work is the key to Team Play!

Licensed from Schmidt Spiele.


  • 110 Playing Cards
  • Rule Book

MSRP: $19.99
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