Designed by award winning game designer Reiner Knizia, Star Trek Expeditions is a cooperative mission game for 1-4 players. Lead your teams of crew and resources from the Enterprise to solve major story arcs and key side missions.


Release Date June 2011
Genre Board Game
Game Time 1+ Hrs
Ages 14+
Players 1-4
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Rules Clarifications & FAQ (11/29/2011)

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Game Contents and More!

Star Trek Expeditions

As a Fleet Captain you must choose wisely from a selection of your 12 favorite Star Trek ships, deploying them strategically to outmaneuver your opponent. Whether you wish to confront the opposing fleet directly through ship-to-ship combat or evade the enemy forces while you complete scientific missions, Fleet Captains has missions for every style of play.


  • 24 Highly detailed, molded in color, miniature starships (12 Federation, 12 Klingon)
  • 24 Ship Information Cards
  • 50 Galaxy Location Tiles
  • 200 Command Cards (100 Federation, 100 Klingon)
  • 50 Encounter Cards
  • 76 Mission Cards

MSRP: $49.99 SKU: 70192

Also Available!

Star Trek Expeditions Expansion Set!

Star Trek Expeditions is designed as a non-collectible, non-blind, all-in-one-and-done game, but is built upon the “expandable” board game model meaning that, new missions and Crew Members have been made available for folk to play other “episodes”!


  • 6 Highly detailed, fully painted HeroClix miniatures
  • 14 Stardate cards
  • 42 Energize cards
  • 21 Captain’s Log cards
  • 25 Captain’s Log Supplemental cards
  • 15 Regular and 5 Major Discovery tokens
  • 4 Away team cards
  • 4 Turn order cards
  • 3 Custom dice
  • 1 Game board
  • 1 Score tracker

MSRP: $14.99 SKU: 70438

Star Trek Fleet Captains Dominion
Star Trek Fleet Captains Romulan


Star Trek Expeditions
Star Trek Expeditions
Star Trek Expeditions
Star Trek Expeditions