The hit sci-fi game now in English for the first time! In the far distant future, colonists from a dead Earth, called Seeders, are threatened by a world-eating force.  You must design a new, better ark for the Seeders to escape their new homes. Draft cards to lay the foundation for your ark. Negotiate to gain the best modules and personnel. Take advantage of complex interactions. Create the colony ship that will save the Seeders from extinction!


Release Date Fall 2020
Genre Board Game
Game Time 120 Minutes
Ages 14+
Players 2-4
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Seeders from Sereis: Exodus

  • Tableau building game
  • Complex interaction between cards
  • Unique sci-fi art
  • Original French language version sold through multiple print runs
  • Deep sci-fi universe – creators have more games and content in store!

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MSRP: $74.99

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