Ni’Var Vulcan Expansion Pack

NiVar Vulcan Expansion Pack

The Ni’Var is a Suurok-class starship. The Suurok-classis a Vulcan science vessel and combat cruiser. It has a cylindrical hull with a circular nacelle that allows it to reach speeds of Warp 6.5 and greater.

Under the command of Captain Sopek, the Ni’Var was sent to retrieve T’Pol for her involvement in the destruction of the monastery at P’Jem.  After learning that she and Captain Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise NX-01 were captured by the Andorians, Sopek led a commando raid and helped rescue the two prisoners.

Scout Cube Borg Expansion Pack

Scout Cube Borg Expansion Pack

The Scout Cube is a smaller vessel used by the Borg for reconnaissance to ascertain information about species that are unknown to the Borg Collective.

Scout 608 is a Borg Scout Cube that was sent to the Argolis Cluster. It has a crew of 5 Borg drones, including Third of Five, the drone that would later be known as “Hugh.” the name given to him by

Geordi La Forge while he was aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise-D.

Enterprise Federation Expansion Pack

The Enterprise NX-01 is a Federation NX-class star-ship. It was the first Federation starship to achieve

Warp 5 and helped propel the United Earth into interstellar space travel.

Captain Jonathan Archer led the crew of the Enterprise on many expeditions, including the nearly yearlong mission to find the Xindi and destroy the weapon the Xindi designed to obliterate the Earth.

Enterprise was under constant scrutiny from the Vulcan High Command who threatened on several occasions to terminate its mission and retrieve Subcommander T’Pol.