U.S.S. Valiant Expansion Pack

The U.S.S. Valiant is a Federation Defiant-class ship. While on a three month training mission with a crew of Red Squadron elite cadets, the Valiant was attacked by a Cardassian battle cruiser and all of the Valiant’s officers were killed. Cadet Tim Watters was given command and along with his fellow cadets, the Valiant managed to destroy the Cardassian ship.

R.I.S. Pi Expansion Pack

The R.I.S. Pi is a Romulan Scout Vessel. This small craft entered Federation space with a crew of two on a covert mission. During the mission, the Pi crashed on the planet Galorndon Core. Rather than allowing the ship to be captured, Centurion Bochra destroyed the ship, leaving them stranded on the planet.

Kumari Expansion Pack

The Kumari is an Adorian battle cruiser. Under the command of Thy’Lek Shran, the Kumari took part in the Battle of Andorra and worked with Captain Jonathan Archer to destroy the Xindi super weapon.