Bioship Beta Expansion Pack

Bioship Beta is a Species 8472 Bioship. The Species 8472 Bioship is an organic vessel with an advanced biological technology. These ships use an electrodynamic fluid that flows through vein-like conduits as a source of energy and can travel through fluidic space.

Quark’s Treasure Expansion Pack

Quark’s Treasure is a Ferengi Shuttle. This vessel was given to Quark by his cousin as repayment for a debt. Quark decided to take it on a test journey and, joined by his brother, Rom, traveled to Earth to deliver his nephew, Nog, to Starfleet Academy. Of course, he also planned to make profit on the trip by smuggling a shipment of kemocite in the cargo hold. 

U.S.S. Phoenix Expansion Pack

The U.S.S. Phoenix is a Federation Nebula-class starship. Under the command of Captain Benjamin Maxwell, and without orders, the Phoenix destroyed a number of Cardassian ships and a Cardassian Outpost before it was intercepted by the U.S.S. Enterprise-D and ordered back to Starbase 211.