I.S.S. Avenger Expansion Pack

The I.S.S. Avenger is a Terran NX-class starship that narrowly escaped an attack by rebel forces with the help of the U.S.S. Defiant, a ship from the Prime Universe, led by Jonathon Archer. Admiral Black was aboard the Avenger during this attack and assumed command of the ship when its captain was killed in the battle. Among its crew is the Vulcan slave, Soval.

Kyana Prime Expansion Pack

The Kyana Prime is a Krenim weapon ship designed by the military temporal scientist, Annorax. The ship’s temporal core allows it to alter time and because of this it is almost impervious to conventional weaponry. Annorax used this weapon ship in a temporal incursion against the Rilnar, a race from the Delta Quadrant, and erased them from history.

U.S.S. Pegasus Expansion Pack

The U.S.S. Pegasus is an Oberth-class starship that served as an experimental vessel for the Federation under the command of Captain Erik Pressman. With a small crew, their primary objective was to test prototype weapon systems and engine upgrades, many of which were employed in future Federation starships.