Gornarus Expansion Pack

The Gornarus is a Gorn raider. This type of starship has improved deflector shields and is known for its relentless attacks. The Gornarus raided and destroyed a Federation colony on the planet Cestus III and then lured the S.S. Enterprise to the planet b sending them fake communications.

I.S.S. Enterprise Expansion Pack

The I.S.S. Enterprise is a Constitution-class ship from the Mirror Universe commanded by Captain James T. Kirk. This Terran starship is almost identical to the U.S.S. Enterprise from the Prime Universe. After assuming command of the Enterprise by assassinating Captain Christopher Pike, Kirk suppressed the Gorlan uprising by destroying their homeworld. He followed this action by executing 5,000 colonists on the planet Vega IX. Kirk was also known for making his enemies disappear. He did this by using a device known as a Tantalus field.

Reklar Expansion Pack

The Reklar is a Cardassian Galor class ship commanded by Gul Lemec. It was the flagship of a fleet which secretly hid in the McCallister C-5 Neblua while preparing to attack the Federation planet Minos Korva, but their plans were thwarted by the S.S. Enterprise-D under the temporary command of Captain Edward Jellico.