Muratas Expansion Pack

The Muratas is a Xindi-Reptilian warship. These powerful starships are well armed and are equipped with thermal chambers in order to provide enough heat to maintain the energy of the cold-blooded Xindi-reptilians.

Bioship Alpha Expansion Pack (REPRINT)

Designated Species 8472 by the Borg, this race of beings uses organic ships with extraordinary resilience and tremendous firepower. With the use of an energy focusing ship, multiple Bioships can channel their energy into a burst of power so devastating that it can destroy anything in its way. Species 8472 are telepathic beings that believe every other race should be eliminated and utilize biological attacks in their pursuit of this path of destruction. Immune to the effects of the Borg, Species 8472 uses quantum singularities to move their Bioships back and forth between their own realm (an entirely fluidic space) and the Delta Quadrant to wage their war with the Borg.

U.S.S. Excelsior Expansion Pack (REPRINT)

The U.S.S. Excelsior is a 23rd century prototype vessel used for conducting scientific missions and for testing new technological equipment. Under the command of Captain Styles, it was the first ship that attempted to employ the experimental Transwarp Drive. Under the command of Captain Hikaru Sulu, it conducted a three-year mission exploring gaseous atmospheric anomalies in the Beta Quadrant.