Mirror Universe Faction Pack – The Kelvin Timeline

The Kelvin Timeline is a new reality created as a result of the temporal incursion created by the Narada time traveling. The Narada, a Romulan mining vessel from the 24th century, disrupted the time continuum by accidentally traveling back over a century to the year 2233. Nero promptly attacked and destroyed the U.S.S. Kelvin resulting in the death of many crew members including George Kirk, James T.  Kirk’s father. Spock, from the Prime Timeline, later arrived in this alternate reality and was immediately captured by Nero, who was lying in wait for him. Nero subsequently stranded Spock on Delta Vega and used red matter from Spock’s ship to destroy Vulcan before Spock’s eyes so he could feel the same despair that he did when Romulus was destroyed.

Independents Faction Pack – A Motley Fleet

This fantastic new faction pack features a motley crew of three different species, Vidiians, Andorians, and Species 116, as well as the rebellious organization known as the Maquis! In this box you will find Telev’s Battle Cruiser, an Andorian Battle Cruiser; Guingowin, a Maquis Raider; Harvester Prime, a Vidiian Battle Cruiser; and the U.S.S. Dauntless, a Dauntless-class ship; as well as a plethora of Captains, Crew, Elite Talents, Weapons, Tech and ? Upgrade Cards for each and every one of these ships!