Brass Dragon Expansion Pack

Janic is a respected brass dragon, known for her shrewd tactics, captivating charm, and earthy wisdom. The fact that her reputation for these qualities was achieved by bragging about herself all the time does not bother her in the slightest. In battle, she prefers to incapacitate her foes with a powerful sleep breath, and if they persist in their arrogant assault, she has no problem singeing them with her deadly flame breath.

A little flattery is usually all it takes to win Janic’s aid if the cause is noble enough. The Harpers have used this ploy to secure her help against the Cult of the Howling Hatred, a force of air elemental cultists set on wanton destruction. Janic and her allies must confront the cultists at Feathergale Spire with extreme care; if even one air cult messenger escapes the battlefield, the brass dragon will be overwhelmed by a swarm of hostile reinforcements.

Air Cult Warrior Expansion Pack

The Cult of the Howling Hatred has many followers, but few with the skills possessed by their minion Mortimer Flax, an assassin who rides a giant vulture into battle and slay enemies from afar with his heavy crossbow. Mortimer is no stranger to close combat either, and he often darts behind his foes to strike them fiercely with his dagger of venom, a weapon that injects his enemies with a deadly toxin.

Mortimer is also a master of stealth, slipping past his enemies and using his agility to evade their area attacks. When facing a particularly challenging foe, Mortimer uses his gliding wingwear to leap from his flying mount and soar earthward, using the momentum to attack his enemy viciously before planting his feet nimbly on the ground.

Mind Flayer Expansion Pack

Zeno is a mind flayer who has never cared much for lesser creatures. To him, all beings too troublesome to be dominated by his psionic powers deserve nothing better than to have their brains extracted while Zeno entangles them with his powerful tentacles. Some enemies actually have the gall to flee in terror from his presence rather than stand there and sustain him with their delicious memories. Such insolence is typically met with a mind blast that crushes their psyches; better to let their brains be scrambled than to offer their sustenance to less deserving illithids.

Unlike most mind flayers, Zeno has learned a thing or two about sorcery and often casts a globe of invulnerability to protect himself from the spells of his enemies. Dragon breath is also a chore to deal with, and so Zeno dons his cloak of resistance when facing such beasts. There are, of course, times when Zeno prefers to pull the strings of his servants rather than engage his foes directly. During such times, the psionic commander compels his troops to march forward with deadly precision. The inimitable illithid uses his quick reactions to manipulate his soldiers’ movements, helping them to survive to fight for their master another day.

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