Aarakocra Troop Expansion Pack

      • For many long years, the mighty Aaroqua has led a troop of elite Aarakocra warriors who range the Howling Gyre in the Elemental Plane of Air. As servants of the Wind Dukes of Aaqa, the Aarakocra soldiers strike down evil creatures with precise javelin thrusts and diving talon strikes. When the Aarakocra troop is in need of reinforcements, they summon an Air Elemental to confound their wicked foes.
      • The evil dragons discover that Aaroqua’s warriors are also the custodians of the 7th Shard of Law, one of the shattered pieces of the Rod of Seven Parts. This particular Shard is also a secret Key into the Palace of Luminos the Mighty, so the Aarakocra band has come to the Material Plane to hide the artifact in the windswept depths of the Howling Chasm. The evil dragons, however, are not so easily deterred…
      • Contents: 12 Cards, 31 Tokens, 4 Maneuver Dial, 6 Painted Plastic Creatures with Bases and Pegs

Movanic Deva Angel Expansion Pack

      • Among the legions of Deva Angels who serve the gods, Sarpiel is one of the most respected and feared. Wielding his famous Holy Warhammer, the angel soars into battle with righteous fury and strikes down his enemies with a thunderous, bludgeoning assault
      • Back on the Material Plane, a group of laborers unearths an ancient tablet and unwittingly summons Sarpiel into their midst. The Angel is none too pleased, particularly because many of the laborers serve the evil dragons, and their wicked stench drives him into a battle frenzy. Will the Dragon Cultists be able to withstand his might, or will they fall to his deadly hammer like so many before?
      • Contents: 10 Cards, 16 Tokens, 2 Maneuver Dials, 1 Painted Plastic Creature with Base and Pegs

Shadow Black Dragon Expansion Pack

  • Umberlis was once an average Black Dragon, not particularly powerful or respected among his peers. But that was before he slew an assassin and stole the creature’s Cloak of Shadows, a thing of power that seemed to speak to him. It transformed him, over time, into a Shadow Black Dragon, sinister, cunning, and filled with dark might.
  • Now his beloved prize, whom he calls “Inky,” has told him that it is a Key to a place of even greater shadows, and Umberlis ventures forth from his murky cave in search of this wondrous place. But the Shadow Black Dragon has not gone far before he discovers a campfire pushing back the shadows of the night, and there he overhears several adventurers who also consider Inky a prize, and who indeed have plans to steal it away from him! Umberlis will never surrender his cloak, and immediately prepares to ambush them and discover what they know about the secret place of shadows…
  • Contents: 10 Cards, 25 Tokens, 2 Maneuver Dials, 1 Painted Plastic Creature with Base and Pegs

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