D&D Attack Wing: Dungeon Raid Monthly Organized Play

The D&D Attack Wing OP Campaign Adventures continue with the Dungeon Raid scenario. This month, adventure into the dungeon passages in search of hidden treasure. Get through the maze of tunnels to find the hidden vault and the treasure is yours. But be careful, you never know who or what could be lurking around the corner. Will you find the fortune and become one of the richest in the Forgotten Realms? Find out on the tabletop at your Friendly Local Games Store.

Cloak of Invisibility Participation Prize

Get your hands on the card designed by Ron Pallas, the player who won the special “Meet & Beat” event at the 2015 D&D Attack Wing U.S. National Championship! As the winner of this special event, Ron was able to design the Cloak of Invisibility Participation Prize for the D&D Attack Wing: Dungeon Raid Monthly OP Kit!

OP Campaign Adventure # 13: Dungeon Raid

Your party has stumbled upon a long forgotten dungeon, rumored to be filled with treasure. The tunnels that provide passage to the central dungeon chamber are quite narrow, and your party has found its passage to this room to be laborsome and difficult. 
Things are never as easy as they might seem. Just as you reach the central chamber, and marvel at a floor littered with rusty weapons, tattered cloth, rotted casks, and broken furnishings, another party has found the  place by another route. 
Hidden somewhere in this room is the entrance to a treasure vault. Who will find it, and who will join the refuse littering the dungeon floor? 
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The D&D Attack Wing Monthly OP events continue with the Dungeon Raid campaign featuring All New and Unique content from the Forgotten Realms. Players will battle head-to-head for the chance to win exclusive content only available at participating stores!

Dungeons Raid OP Event
The D&D Attack WIng: Dungeon Raid Monthly OP Kit includes:

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