D&D Attack Wing Astral Journey Organized Play

The D&D Attack Wing OP Campaign Adventures continue with the Astral Journey scenario. This month, players will be sent on a journey by the dragon gods, Tiamat and Bahamut. Players must navigate through the Astral Plane in search of an ancient tablet but don’t underestimate the difficulty of this task- the laws of physics function differently here.

Will you be able to fine the ancient tablet and return to the Material Plane? Find out on the tabletop at your Friendly Local Game Store.

Mithral Full Plate Participation Prize

Get your hands on the card designed by Michael Giangrasso, the player who won the special “Meet & Beat” event at the 2015 D&D Attack Wing U.S. National Championship! As the winner of this special event, Michael was able to design the Mithral Full Plate Participation Prize for the D&D Attack Wing: Astral Journey OP Kit!

OP Campaign Adventure # 13: Dungeon Raid

An ancient tablet, said to reveal the locations of three powerful tomes, was hidden long ago in the Astral Plane by a powerful deity. Both Tiamat and Bahamut have recently learned of this tablet, and have sent many of their followers to the Astral Plane to discover its location.

 The minions of the two dragon gods must navigate the vast, open realm with care. They must move to specific points as they make their way through this difficult plane, and they must traverse these points in the proper order in order to reach their goal. But the creatures must be wary, as the laws of physics function differently on this plane than on the Material Plane!

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The D&D Attack Wing Monthly OP events continue with the Astral Journey campaign featuring All New and Unique content from the Forgotten Realms. Players will battle head-to-head for the chance to win exclusive content only available at participating stores!

The D&D Attack Wing: Astral Journey Monthly OP Kit includes:

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