This January WizKids will launch the latest brand new organized play event entitled Trap Travesty.

While carefully traversing the treacherous terrain of the Briar Patch your ships’ sensors start picking up readings of powerful energy fluctuations directly in front of your fleet. However, when brought on screen, there’s absolutely nothing there. Just as your crew starts to run more in depth diagnostics an enemy fleet appears across from you behind where the sensors indicate the presence of energy fluctuations. You must fend off your enemies, but proceed with caution, the energy fluctuations may be something much more significant than they appear to be! Will you be able to defeat your enemies? Will you be able to traverse the battlefield without being affected by the energy fluctuations? Find out in this exhilarating mission!

To play this scenario you will need:

9 Objective Tokens (3 Space Station, 2 Asteroid Field, 2 Derelict Ship, 2 Debris)

No ship may be equipped with a mine upgrade (Cloaked Mines, Antimatter Mines, etc.)


Shuffle the objective tokens, and place the first one face down in the center of the play area. Then, starting with the player with Initiative, the players take turns placing the other objective tokens face down throughout the play area, such that they are not within range 1 of the starting areas or another objective token.

Afterwards, the players place their ships in their starting areas according to the normal Set-Up rules for two players.  


Each objective token acts as a normal obstacle and represents a different type of cloaked trap that can be dangerous for any ships that end their movement near it. A ship that ends its movement within range 1 of an objective token may perform the following action to attempt to scan and disable the trap:

ACTION: Roll a number of defense dice equal to you current Agility Value. If you roll at least 1 Evade result, the trap is considered disarmed. Place the objective token on your side of the play area face down. You may peek at this objective token, but you do not have to share the information with the other player.

If the ship fails to disarm the trap, or does not attempt to disarm the trap, and the trap is still on the field at the end of the Activation Phase, then the trap goes off. Carefully flip the objective token over so that you may reveal its image, and consult the Trap chart below. Afterwards remove the objective token from the play area.

NOTE: If a ship ends its movement within range 1 of several traps, it can only attempt to disarm one of them.


  1. Space Station: Make a 3 Dice Primary Weapon Attack against all ships within range 1.
  2. Asteroid Field: All ships within range 1 sustain 2 damage. Defense dice can be rolled against this damage.
  3. Derelict Ship: All ships within range 1-3 sustain 1 damage. Defense dice cannot be rolled against this damage.
  4. Debris: All ships within range 1 sustain 1 damage to their Hull and receive an Auxiliary Power Token. Defense dice cannot be rolled against this damage.


The mission ends when:

  1. One player is eliminated
  2. The time limit is reached.


  1. Destroy all your opponent’s ships.
  2. Have more Fleet Points than your opponent for that Battle Round.
    • If Players have the same Fleet Points for that Battle Round, one player rolls five attack dice and the other player rolls five defense dice. The player who rolls the most Battle Stations results wins.

BONUS – Each trap a player disarms is worth +10 Fleet Points.

Every player who shows up and plays in this event gets a resource as a participation prize. The resource for Trap Travesty is Long-Range Probe. At the start of the game, place 3 Mission Tokens on this card.

PLANNING PHASE: Once per game round, place 1 Mission Token from this card onto the play area within Range 1-3 of one of your ships.

PLANNING PHASE: Target an opposing ship within Range 1-2 of one of your Long-Range Probes and remove that Long-Range Probe from the play area. This game round, the target ship must plan its Maneuver first, face up, and it cannot be changed after it is set.

Discard this card when there are no more Mission Tokens on it and there are no more of your Long-Range Probes on the play area.  

Each prize pack contains a unique prize card with brand new content as well as flex prizes of popular cards from the past with updated text and formatting.

The prizes for Trap Travesty are Photonic Cannon and Romulan Pilot.

Photonic Cannon is a Federation Weapon Upgrade that costs 10 SP. When attacking you may make a 10 die attack at Range 3 by spending this ship’s Target Lock and removing this card from play. This ship then suffers 2 Hit results to its Hull. This Weapon can only be fired out of this ship’s Primary Firing Arc.

While costly, Photonic Cannon is a powerful new weapon that can put an end to the battle once and for all with one devastating blast! Your timing will have to be perfect to avoid attack cancellation but if done at the right time, it will bring your enemies to their knees. 

Romulan Pilot is the Flex prize. Most players will be familiar with Romulan Pilot, a popular favorite to gain a little extra movement. As a Free Action you may discard this card to place a Scan Token beside this ship and then that ship may perform a Green Maneuver. The new formatting for this card makes it easier to understand and avoids confusion by using less words to explain the cards effects with the new iconography. 

Don’t miss the chance to play in this exciting event. Contact your local venue and reserve your spot for this Organized Play Event. Visit WizKids at Wing for additional information about Star Trek: Attack Wing or go to the WizKids Info Network to find a local game store near you at