This February WizKids/NECA is launching an all new organized play event Star Trek: Attack Wing – Yesterday’s Enterprise, based on the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode: Yesterday’s Enterprise.

Your fleet has encountered a damaged ship from the past that has emerged from a strange temporal rift. While repairing it, you realize that this ship has caused your timeline to be altered and have determined that it must return through the rift to its own time to set things right. As your fleet escorts the damaged ship back to the rift, you are set upon by an enemy fleet.

Will you successfully return the damaged ship to its own time? Or will the ship be destroyed en route to the rift, leaving you stuck in this alternate time line?


Place an Objective Token centered N to S so that it touches the E edge of the play area.

The players set up normally using the Standard 2-Player Rules with the following exceptions:

  1. Player 1 must place his/her damaged ship in a 4” x 4” area in the NW corner of the play area. Player 1 then sets up the rest of his/her fleet in an 8” x 15” area in the NW corner of the play area.
  2. Player 2 must place his/her damaged ship in a 4” x 4” area in the SW corner of the play area. Player 2 then sets up the rest of his/her fleet in an 8” x 15” area in the SW corner of the play area.


Temporal Rift

The Objective Token represents the Temporal Rift. When a ship executes a maneuver in which either the Maneuver Template or the ship’s base physically overlaps the Objective Token, that ship is considered to have entered the rift and is immediately removed from the play area for the rest of the game.

In addition, if a ship exits the play area within Range 1 of the Objective Token, it is also considered to have entered the rift and is immediately removed from the play area for the rest of the game.

Damaged Ships

One ship in each player’s fleet is considered to be the damaged ship that is attempting to enter the temporal rift. Place Critical Hit Tokens beside both these ships. These tokens cannot be removed for the duration of the game.

The damaged ship:

  1. May only have a Hull value of 4 or less.
  2. May not execute a maneuver with a speed greater than 3.
  3. Must be assigned a Captain and may only be equipped with one Upgrade card with a printed cost of 5 SP or less. NOTE: This Upgrade’s ability cannot allow the damaged ship to be removed from the play area or execute an additional maneuver.
  4. Begins the game with one damage to its Hull. Take one damage card from the Damage Deck and place it beside the ship’s Ship Card.
  5. May transfer a number of damage that it receives from an attack to a friendly ship that is within Range 1 of the damaged ship equal to the friendly ship’s remaining Shields. Any excess damage hits the damaged ship as normal.

Temporal Displacement

At the start of the game, during the Gather Forces step, each player must flip ½ of the Upgrades assigned to each of his/her ships face down (round up). These Upgrades cannot be used until that player’s damaged ship enters the temporal rift. This does not apply to an Upgrade assigned to the player’s damaged ship.

Once a player’s damaged ship enters the rift, immediately flip up all of that player’s face down cards. Those cards are useable immediately. NOTE: An Upgrade card that is flipped face up cannot add Upgrade slot(s) to its ship.


The game ends when one player is eliminated or when the time limit is called.

At the end of the game, each player whose damaged ship enters the temporal rift gains +10 Fleet Points. Additionally, each player gains +10 Fleet Points for destroying their opponents damaged ship.

Every player who shows up and plays in this event gets a resource as a participation prize. The resource for Yesterday’s Enterprise is Senior Staff. Each ship in your fleet may field 1 additional Elite Talent Upgrade for every Crew Upgrade assigned to it. Each Elite Talent Upgrade is placed next to the Crew Upgrade that fielded it. If the Crew Upgrade is ever discarded, you must also discard the Elite Talent Upgrade that was fielded by that Crew Upgrade. The cost of this resource is 1 SP for each additional Elite Talent Upgrade you assign to your fleet. Senior Staff will shine in the hands of veteran fleet builders. The sheer number of options this adds is almost as vast as the Star Trek Universe itself.

If you win the Yesterday’s Enterprise Organized Play Event, or you get the fellowship award, you will go home with the U.S.S. Enterprise-D Prize Pack. We all know the U.S.S. Enterprise-D from the Star Trek: The Next Generation, however, this will be the second time it has appeared in Star Trek: Attack Wing (not counting the Mirror Faction). This take on the U.S.S. Enterprise-D is also a Galaxy Class ship and gains one shield while trading a Crew slot for an additional Weapon and Tech Upgrade slot. The special ability for this ship allows you to switch an Evade, Scan or Target Lock Token beside your ship for a Battle Stations Token. Ever wish you had chosen Battle Stations instead of Target Lock? Now is your chance to set things right and create your own “alternate time line” with the new U.S.S. Enterprise-D Prize Pack.

As you might expect none other than Jean-Luc Picard is the Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D. While we have seen many versions of Captain Picard, this version reduces the cost of your ship by – 2 SP and each Upgrade on the assigned ship costs -1 SP (max -5 SP total). If you want an iconic Captain who can literally pay for himself, then Jean-Luc Picard is the man for the job.

Dispersal Pattern Sierra is the Elite Talent Upgrade in this prize pack. When attacking with a Photon Torpedo, during the Declare Target step, you may discard this card to target 2 or 3 different ships in your forward firing arc with the attack. If you target 2 different ships, each attack is at -1 attack die. If you target 3 different ships, each attack is at -2 dice. Multiple targets with one attack can be a very powerful thing and it makes the game feel more like the show using a wide spread pattern for Photon Torpedoes. Pew! Pew! Pew!

Natasha Yar was the shocking crewmember brought back in Yesterday’s Enterprise. Here she is a Crew Upgrade that allows you to add 2 Weapon Upgrade slots to your Upgrade Bar. Additionally, when attacking, during the Modify Attack Dice Step, you may place 2 Time Tokens on this card to re-roll up to three of your attack dice. Talk about economy? 4 SP buys your two extra Weapon slots and access to valuable re-rolls. It is great to see you back Tasha!


Aft Phaser Emitters is a Weapon Upgrade that allows you to fire from your rear arc. The attack value is equal to your ship’s Primary Weapon Value -1. This Upgrade may only be purchased for a Federation ship with a Hull Value of 4 or greater and the SP cost is equal to the ship’s Primary Weapon Value. Despite the restrictions, this is one amazing weapon. The ability to fire from your rear arc every turn is super powerful. It will be hard to escape the firing arc of any Federation ship using Aft Phaser Emitters.

Transporter is the Tech Upgrade in this prize pack. As an Action you may disable this card to target a friendly ship within Range 1-2 and disable all remaining Shields on both ships. Then switch a Crew Upgrade between the ships. Nothing is more iconic to Star Trek than beaming crew members from ship to ship. Just be sure to use this while at a safe distance from your enemy.

Yesterday’s Enterprise is sure to be a popular event due to the amazing prize cards and the appearance of Natasha Yar and the U.S.S. Enterprise-D. With all these great prizes up for grabs, you will want to make sure you reserve your spot for this event early by contacting your nearest local game store. Build your best fleet to defend your timeline and become champion!

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