The Klingon Civil War Storyline OP – Month One: Attack on Gowron

This October, WizKids/NECA will launch a brand new three-month storyline organized play event based on the Klingon Civil War as seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The first month of the Star Trek: Attack Wing Klingon Civil War Storyline OP is entitled, Attack on Gowron. The Rite of Succession has just been completed and Gowron is named the new leader of the Klingon High Council. After boarding his flagship, Gowron prepares to leave Qo’noS, but is immediately set upon by an enemy fleet. The House of Duras does not agree with the decision of the Arbiter of Succession and attempts to kill Gowron. Will they succeed? Or will Gowron’s fleet thwart the assassination attempt? SET UP/SPECIAL RULESattackongowron-teaser Set up for this scenario begins by placing the Planet Token directly in the center of the play area. Each player must include at least 1 Klingon Card (Ship, Captain, Admiral or Upgrade) in their fleet. Every ship in a player’s fleet costs -2 SP if that ship is either a Klingon ship or a non-Klingon ship with at least one Klingon card assigned to it. The cost reduction is not cumulative. The maximum cost reduction per ship is -2 SP. Each player must have Gowron assigned to a ship in his/her fleet. Gowron can be assigned in one of two ways, covertly or openly. If you choose to deploy Gowron covertly prior to the start of the game secretly record which ship has Gowron assigned to it. There are no penalties, special abilities or bonuses gained by assigning Gowron covertly. If you choose to deploy Gowron openly, simply assign a Gowron Captain or Admiral Card to one of the ships in your fleet. If this method is used, there is no cost for Gowron. TRANSFERRING GOWRON During the Activation Phase, a ship that has Gowron aboard it may perform one of the following Actions to transfer Gowron to another ship in his/her fleet. ACTION: If Gowron is OPENLY aboard your ship and your ship is not Cloaked and has no Active Shields, target a friendly ship at Range 1-2 that is not Cloaked and has no Active Shields. Remove the Gowron Card from your ship and assign it to the target ship. If the Gowron Card is a Captain Card and there is another Captain Card already on the target ship, that ship must flip the Captain Card face down and use the Gowron Card as its new Captain. Your ship now has a Captain Skill of “1”. OR ACTION: If Gowron is COVERTLY aboard your ship and your ship is not Cloaked and has no Active Shields, target a friendly ship at Range 1-2 that is not Cloaked and has no Active Shields. Gowron is now considered to be aboard that ship. You must adjust your secret recording to reflect the ship that Gowron is now currently aboard. If this Action is used, Gowron is now considered to be “Openly” aboard the new ship for purposes of End Game Scoring. VICTORY CONDITIONS/OBJECTIVE The game ends normally when one player is eliminated or time is called, however, if a player destroys an opponent’s ship with Gowron, they score Bonus Fleet Points. Score +10 Fleet Points if Gowron was OPENLY aboard the destroyed ship and +20 Fleet points if Gowron was COVERTLY aboard the destroyed ship. PARTICIPATION PRIZE Every player who shows up and plays in Klingon Civil War Storyline: Attack on Gowron gets a resource as a participation prize. The resource for this event is Fleet Commander. One ship in your fleet may have a 2nd Captain assigned to it. That ship may use both of its Captains’ abilities as normal throughout the game. The overall Captain Skill Number for the ship is equal to the highest Captain Skill of its two Captains plus 1. In addition, the ship to which the 2nd Captain is assigned gains +1 to either its Shield or Hull value (max 6 Hull). Since the retirement of popular resources like Flagship and Fleet Captains, there has been a gap in available resources that will now be filled with Fleet Commander. Being able to use two Captain abilities opens the door to all kinds of fun combinations. This resource is sure to be a popular favorite because of its amazing potential. If you win the Attack on Gowron event, or you get the fellowship award, you will go home with the I.K.S. Bortas Prize Pack. The I.K.S. Bortas is from the popular Vorcha Class, which means everyone will want this ship. The I.K.S. Bortas gains a Shield and a Crew slot compared to generic version of the ship. The special ability for the I.K.S. Bortas allows you to re-roll one of your defense dice when defending. If you do so, place an Auxiliary Power Token beside your ship. starship-iks-bortas Gowron, who is at the center of this OP event, is the Captain for this prize pack. If this card is assigned to a Klingon ship and all of your Shields have been destroyed, you gain +1 attack die on all of your attacks. If any of your Shield Tokens are repaired, you lose this bonus attack die. Generally speaking, Klingon ships do not have high Shield values. This lack of Shields makes it easier to get the bonus attack die from Gowron. While you walk a fine line between taking enough damage to lose your Shields and not enough damage to blow up, Gowron will make sure to remind his enemies why he should be feared. captain-gowron Cry of the Warrior is an Elite Talent that like Gowron, also boosts the number of attack die you can use when attacking. During the Roll Attack Dice step, you may discard this card to gain +1 attack die for each opposing ship that has your ship in its forward firing arc (max +3). The next time your ship rolls defensive dice, roll -1 defense die for each additional attack die you gained with this ability. Combined with Gowron’s ability, the I.K.S. Bortas can fire a total of 9 attack dice under the best case scenario. Cry of the Warrior is a powerful Upgrade that will remind your opponent what it truly means to be Klingon! elite-talent-cry-of-the-warrior Aim and Fire! is another Elite Talent but this time, rather than adding attack dice, this upgrade prevents your opponent from re-rolling defense dice. When attacking with your Primary Weapon, you may discard this card to target a ship at Range 1-2. The target ship cannot re-roll any of its defense dice against that attack. elite-talent-aim-and-fire Worf plays a very large role in the Klingon Civil War and as such we gain another version of him as a Crew Upgrade. Once again focusing on gaining attack dice, Worf allows you to disable this card to gain +1 attack die when attacking a ship with no Active Shields. You cannot roll any defense dice during the round in which you use this ability. Clearly not for use with a cloaked fleet, but once you are in the thick of battle, Worf can be a great addition by boosting the number of attack dice you can throw at an enemy ship. crew-worf Finally, Emergency Override is a Tech Upgrade that allows you to disable this card to repair 1 of your Shield Tokens if you executed a green maneuver this round. tech-emergency-override The Klingon Civil War has begun! Whose side will you be on? The fate of the Klingon Empire hangs in the balance. Make sure to sign up now for this event as each month’s victory gets you closer to the exciting Grand Prize for this Storyline Event that you are not going to want to miss. Look for more previews of the upcoming events in the Klingon Civil War Storyline, coming soon. 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