Star Trek: Attack Wing – Tin Man OP Event Preview

Tin Man OP Event Preview

This July, WizKids/NECA will launch a brand new organized play event based on the Star Trek- The Next Generation episode, Tin Man.

As you may recall, the episode Tin Man involved the Federation racing against the Romulans to make first contact with a strange new alien organism. The Federation named the alien organism “Tin Man” which appeared to be a living starship orbiting a star that was about to go super nova. Is the Tin Man friend or foe? Can you survive first contact? Can you escape before the star goes supernova? Find out in the new Star Trek: Attack Wing – Tin Man Organized Play Event.

Setting up for the Tin Man OP event is simple. Players place a planet token in the play area centered from north to south, so that there is exactly 4” between it and the west edge of the play area. The planet token represents the star. It is a complete obstruction for firing purposes and any ship that overlaps the star at the end of its movement is destroyed.

An objective token is also placed in the play area, centered from north to south so that there is exactly 12” between it and the west edge of the play area. The objective token represents “Tin Man.” Treat this token as a ship with the following stats: Primary Weapon: 0, Agility: 0, Hull: 5, Shields: 5.

Tin Man cannot move, perform actions or attack, but if it is attacked, it immediately retaliates against the attacking ship by emitting an energy wave. If an attack is made within Range 1-2 of Tin Man, an energy wave is also emitted from Tin Man.

The energy wave is a 6 die attack that the attacking ship cannot defend against. All hits and critical hits deal normal damage. Additionally, every other ship within Range 1-2 of the energy wave are targeted by a single 3 die attack. Each ship within range suffers normal damage for each hit or critical hit result and cannot defend against this attack.

As usual the objective of this scenario is to destroy your opponents ships, however, you can gain bonus points if you are able to make contact with Tin Man. At the end of the game, each player that makes contact with Tin Man gains +5 Fleet Points. The player that made contact with Tin Man first gains an additional +10 Fleet Points. Players can attempt to make contact with Tin Man by moving within Range 1 of Tin Man and then performing a Scan Action to place a Mission Token on your ship’s card, instead of placing a Scan Token beside your ship. Then, while within Range 1, that ship may perform an Action to Roll 1 attack die for each Mission Token on your ship card. If you roll at least 2 Hit results, you have made contact with Tin Man. Remove all of the Mission Tokens from that Ship Card and place one of them beside your ship cards. This represents that your fleet has made contact with Tin Man.

As a player, you will have to decide how to best handle first contact. Keep in mind if you initiate combat while too close to Tin Man, it will attack back with its powerful energy wave. Will you risk getting close enough to initiate first contact or will you simply try to destroy your enemy from a distance?

Every player who shows up and plays in this event gets a resource as a participation prize. The resource for this event is Intercepted Messages. At the start of the game place 5 Evade Tokens on this card. During the Activation Phase, if an opposing ship that is within Range 1-2 of one of your ships performs a Scan, Battle Stations, or Cloak Action from its Action Bar, you may choose to immediately remove 1 Evade Token from this card and place it beside your ship, even if there is already one there. You can only use this ability once per round.

If you win the Tin Man Organized Play Event, or you get the fellowship award, you will go home with the U.S.S. Cairo Prize Pack. The U.S.S. Cairo is an Excelsior Class Ship and gains one Shield and one Weapon Upgrade slot compared to generic version of the ship. The special ability for the U.S.S. Cairo allows it to roll +1 defense die when defending if there is an Auxiliary Power Token beside your ship. With a powerful backward 2 movement, the U.S.S. Cairo has the ability to move backward and gain extra defense dice afterward while it has an Auxiliary Power Token gained from taking a red maneuver.

The Captain in the U.S.S. Cairo Prize Pack is Edward Jellico. At any time, you may disable 1 of your Tech or Weapon Upgrades to place 1 Evade, Scan or Battle Stations Token beside your ship. You may only use this ability once per round.  Being able to place an Evade, Scan or Battle Stations Token beside your ship is a great ability, especially when combined with Intercepted Messages for extra defensive power.

Task Force is an Elite Talent that as an Action allows you to choose a Faction and every friendly ship within Range 1-2 of your ship gains +1 attack die and +1 defense die against ships of your chosen faction for this round. Keep in mind this ability does not disable or discard. As long as you have an Action to activate this card, you can use it over and over again.

High Yield Photon Torpedoes is the Weapon Upgrade in the U.S.S. Cairo Prize Pack. This Attack can be made at Range 2-3 and fires 6 attack dice. You may convert 1 of your Battle Stations results into a Critical Hit. Used on a ship with a low primary weapon value, this weapon can pack a powerful punch. Using the Time Token Mechanic, this weapon will be ready to fire again as soon as all 3 time tokens are removed from the card.

The Tech Upgrade for this Prize Pack is Deuterium Tank. This card will likely see a lot of play due to the fact that you can treat a red maneuver as a white maneuver. Being able to make a red maneuver, but still having an action afterwards can be a game changing moment shifting the balance of power in your favor.

Delta Shift is the final upgrade and can be assigned to any ship without requiring an Upgrade Slot. When one of your Crew Upgrades is supposed to be disabled or discarded, you may discard this card instead. Any upgrade that can be used without requiring an Upgrade Slot is simply amazing! On top of that, the ability to save a Crew Card from being disabled or discarded can be huge; the possible uses for this card are endless.

The race is on to get the U.S.S. Cairo Prize Pack! Get yours by making first contact with your Friendly Local Gaming Store and signing up for the Tin Man Organized Play Event in the WizKids Info Network today!

Visit WizKids/NECA at for additional information about Star Trek: Attack Wing  or go to the WizKids Info Network to find a local game store that is running the Star Trek: Attack Wing – Tin Man Organized Play Event series at

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