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The Agricola Game Expansion packs will allow players who already own the global hit board game, Agricola, to enhance their game!


Release Date November 2017
Genre Board Game
Game Time 30+ Min
Ages 14+
Players 2+

Coming Soon!

Agricola Game Expansions

Each Agricola Game Expansion pack includes 5 pre-painted miniatures with colored accents, and 20 all-new cards, including exclusives to each expansion! The Agricola Game Expansions create a brand new feeling for a beloved board game that fans have enjoyed for years.

Components: 5 Pre-painted miniatures 20 All-new cards

MSRP Per Expansion Pack: $24.99

  • Agricola Game Expansion White SKU: 72868
  • Agricola Game Expansion Blue SKU: 72866
  • Agricola Game Expansion Red SKU: 72870
  • Agricola Game Expansion Green SKU: 72867
  • Agricola Game Expansion Yellow SKU: 72257
  • Agricola Game Expansion Purple SKU: 72869