Hello WizKids fans!

We are a few weeks removed from the World Championship event in Graceland and we just wanted to thank everyone for their part in the massive success of the event! We are truly grateful to everyone who attended, watched the stream online, and interacted over social media all weekend. The entire WizKids World Championship Experience was as good as we could hope for this year – ranging from the Guest House at Graceland hotel, to the venue at Graceland Exhibition Center, and everything in between!

In terms of the event itself, this event had it all. The best players in the world, a brand-new set to play with for HeroClix, and a weekend full of action. It was awesome to see the massive number of people playing in all the events like battle royales, constructed events, double rainbow drafts, free plays, the special skirmish event, and much more.

Speaking of which, for those of you who may not have heard yet, we are testing a new HeroClix format called “Skirmish” which is a new exciting way to play HeroClix. The idea of Skirmish is a “Random Starting Position” format which starts figures closer to the center of the map and allows the game to engage much more quickly. We have been hearing lots of positive responses from players so far, and we are hoping we can make it even better using the feedback we have been receiving. We held a special event to test it out at the World Championship event, and we received a lot of valuable suggestions that we are likely to implement. We are carefully reviewing all of the comments we have collected so far. Be on the lookout for a follow up article on Skirmish in the coming weeks. Please take a look here for more details on the Skirmish format if you would like to learn more.

Our team had a blast seeing everything that Graceland had to offer like the Elvis Experience tour, late night peanut butter and banana sandwiches at the hotel, live music, and the shuttle to Beale Street. We appreciated being able to talk to fans at the event about a variety of different topics, receive feedback, and where we can, give some insight how we do things behind the scenes. We also want to thank everyone who came to the fan appreciation presentation to check out some of our upcoming releases. We love being able to show off everything that we have been working on, and it was awesome to be able to use the giant screen at the exhibition center for it.

We really want to thank the staff at the Graceland properties for being so accommodating to all of us and we appreciate all their hard work helping us put the event together. We also would like to thank all our staff and volunteers; they did a fantastic job and we couldn’t have asked for more. And shout out to Troll and Toad as well for coming out as the exclusive retailer of the show, it was great to have them there to help players out with any specific items they were looking for throughout the weekend.

We can’t announce anything yet and nothing is guaranteed, but we are hoping that you enjoyed your experience and we are trying to ensure we can do it again next year! We sold out of the room block and “TCB” packages (Elvis’ motto “Taking Care of Business”), and again while not guaranteed, we will absolutely be looking to expand both of those next year if we do it again. We will let you know as soon as we can, so be on the lookout next year for an announcement.

As a final note, we would also like to encourage anyone and everyone to come out to events like this, even if they don’t know how to play one of our games yet. We will be happy to have someone sit down with you and teach whichever game you would like to learn how to play. We did this several times with great success over the weekend, so please consider bringing any friends or family along with you, we think they will have a great time.

Congratulations again to all the champions crowned over the weekend!

These events are always special (and FUN), but this one felt extra special. We look forward to seeing an even bigger crowd next year!

-The WizKids Team