Hillside, NJ — June 13, 2018 — WizKids is pleased to announce its hilarious and exciting dungeon crawler, Fungeon Party, is now available in North American game stores! Designed by Brian Lewis, David McGregor, Marissa Misura, and Tom Jones, Fungeon Party is a fast-paced quest completion game which takes a traditional party of heroes and puts them in a truly untraditional dungeon crawler for 2-5 players.

Over 60 wacky quests await the brave adventurers travelling through the corridors of the Fungeon, including bouncing dice into the box, knocking down a meeple surrounded by dice, balancing a meeple on a stick, and many more!

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Gather your party and check out this quick, easy, and FUN game to learn and play! Pick up Fungeon Party at your FLGS  or online today for $29.99!

For more information, visit: https://wizkids.com/fungeon-party/