UPDATE! WizKids Info Network

WizKids Retailers and Distributors!

We are excited to announce that a number of updates and improvements have been made to the WizKids Info Network (WIN). Please see below for a specific list of changes!

-The WizKids Team



  • You can now view multiple images/assets on a solicit with zoom feature to see all the details.
  • You can download individual or all images from a solicit into a zip format for marketing use.


  • You can now save as a PDF without the long process of navigating your printer settings.
  • You can export data from individual solicits, a custom selection or all of them into CSV formatted excel sheet.
  • You will no longer need to re-do your filters on the solicit page as you click on different pages. The filter will stay put until you clear it.

Monthly Release Page:

  • We have added hyperlinks to individual solicits for your convenience.
  • We’ve included thumbnail images and item number to the page.
  • You can export the monthly sheets into PDF very easily and it is formatted to use for marketing and sales.