GenCon 50 Update

WizKids Fans!

We’ve gotten some questions about how selling convention exclusive figures at our booth is going to work at #GenCon50. Here are some preliminary details, subject to change and clarification.

  • When the booth is open for sales, convention exclusives won’t be available for purchase until 1pm.
  • As soon as the booth is open for sales, customers will be able to get tickets that give them a right-to-buy during timing windows later in the day.
  • Customers will return during their designated timing window with a ticket that matches that window; for example, ticket 730 might be able to buy exclusives between 3pm and 4pm.
  • Customers returning to buy figures may not form an excessively long line – we will turn people away as needed, they may return later in their timing window when there isn’t a line.
  • Some people have misunderstood our use of tickets to be a “raffle” – it shouldn’t be interpreted that way since there isn’t a prize.

We look forward to seeing you there!

GenCon 2017 HeroClix Convention Exclusive Sales Schedule

Ticket holders may come to the WizKids Booth (317) to purchase HeroClix Convention Exclusives at any time AFTER the Time listed for their Ticket number below.

No Sales of HeroClix Convention Exclusives will occur prior to 1:00pm each day.

Please do not line up prior to your listed time— lines will be dispersed.


Ticket #
(Ending in)

(May purchase AFTER time listed)

000-100 1:00pm
101-200 2:00pm
201-300 3:00pm
301-400 4:00pm
401-500 5:00pm