Origins Game Fair 2017 Board Games & More!

Greetings WizKids Fans,

This year, WizKids is coming to Origins Game Fair in a big way! Not only will we be hosting the WizKids 2017 U.S. National and World Championships in the Gaming Hall, but we will also have a booth in the Exhibit Hall dedicated to our growing Board Games Division.

Join us June 14th - 18th in Columbus, Ohio for your chance to be crowned the champion of your favorite game or compete in side events. We will also have 2017 HeroClix Convention Exclusives available for sale in the Gaming Hall (GH 800), right under the giant WizKids balloon!

Check to see if you’re qualified to play in the WizKids 2017 U.S. National Championship or 2017 WizKids World Championships now!

WizKids 2017 National Championships Qualified Players

WizKids 2017 World Championships Qualified Players

But that's not all! Find us in the Exhibit Hall (Booth 301) for the chance to demo and purchase some of our upcoming releases, prior to the official retail release, while supplies last! Limited quantities are available so be sure to stop by our booth early before we run out.

Get your hands on DiceBot MegaFun, Deadline, Fantasy Realms, and Sidereal Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant before they hit stores!


A dice-grabbing, weapon-slinging game of battling robots, DiceBot MegaFun will have 2 – 4 players battling in rounds of simultaneous free-for-all combat. Scavenge the best parts from the junkyard to equip your bot with lasers, bombs, drill and more.  Be the last robot left standing to collect Victory Medals and win the game.DiceBot MegaFun will be available to purchase at the convention, a week before its June 21st release, for $20 (tax included).


Set in 1930's New York City, play as hard-boiled detectives investigating crimes to solve cases of deception, crime and murder before the Deadline. Unlock as many clues as possible in this thrilling board game for 2 – 4 players. Deadline will be available for $45 (tax included) at Origins Game Fair and will release in Friendly Local Game Stores this July.

It’s up to you to build the mightiest realm in the world! Will you choose to follow military tactics and sweep away all in your path with a massive army? Will you turn towards sorcery and control an inaccessible island surrounded by impenetrable flames? The choice is yours, no two realms will ever be the same in Fantasy Realms. Releasing this August in North American retail, Fantasy Realms will be available for $20 (tax included) at Origins Game Fair.

Sidereal Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant is a singularly  unique  trading  and  negotiation game for 4 – 9 players. Play is almost all simultaneous as each unique and asymmetrical race must trade and negotiate with the rest to acquire the resources necessary to fund their economy and allow it to produce good for the next turn. Scheming, dealing, and mutually beneficial agreements are key to success as no race can thrive on its own. Releasing in your Friendly Local Game Store this August, Sidereal Confluence will be first available at the show for $65 (tax included).

Previously Released Board Games Available for Sale:

  • Tower of London ($25)
  • Tournament at Camelot ($25)
  • The Banishing ($20)
  • Burke’s Gambit ($20)
  • Rock Paper Wizard ($20)
  • Blank White Dice ($20)
  • Dice Stars ($20)

Don't miss the opportunity to compete in the championship or check out some of our upcoming releases at Origins Game Fair this June. We hope to see you there!

WizKids Booths:

Gaming Hall # 800

Exhibit Hall # 301