Dice Masters Fans! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters: Heroes in a Half-Shell is coming soon, and we’ve got some more exciting previews of what the set includes!

Metalhead: Rogue Robot helps you pack EVEN MORE Turtle Power into your Dice Masters game! He’ll get discounts and bonuses just like Leo, Raph, Mikey, or Donnie, but you can still play them all! Even by himself he has a pretty tanky defense, so he’ll be a solid defender against opposing characters.

Renet Tilley: Impeccable Timing doesn’t just have great timing – she bestows it onto your other dice! Sometimes you’ll attack with character dice, they’ll go unblocked, and Renet Tilley will pull them back to your Reserve Pool before they have to cycle through your bag. Advanced players will quickly realize that you can use her ability to roll dice the turn you purchase them – at the risk of rolling energy and not getting to reroll them. Such are the perils of time travel!

The villains of TMNT are sure to cause problems for Dice Masters players. Nefarious Broadcast lets you cancel any Global Abilities that have been used – but also stops any new ones from getting used this turn. It’s the perfect way to keep yourself safe from Unstable Canister or other dangerous Global Abilities. Mysterious Shredder Transport will force both players to sacrifice a character die – Shredder transports those dice out of the Field Zone so they won’t be a threat until later.