Dice Masters Fans! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters: Heroes in a Half-Shell is coming soon, and we’ve got some exciting previews of what the set includes!

First up is April: No Mere Damsel. Just like her shirt has the number 5 on it, April is essentially the 5th Turtle. The fact that she has Ally and Turtle Power means she’s a Sidekick and she’s going to help you pay less energy to access your Turtles. She’ll play well with the new Turtles or the versions from the first box set.

Just as April does more when you’re using Turtles, the Foot Ninja get a boost when Shredder is around! Foot Ninja: Shinobijutsu helps you get extra dice when Shredder is active. With Swarm you’re almost always getting extra dice if your Foot Ninja stays in the Field Zone. Foot Ninja: Stick to the Shadows wants you attacking with multiple Foot Ninja at once to deal some extra damage to your opponent. Finally, Foot Ninja: Glass Jawed will keep some ninja in your Field Zone even if your opponent keeps knocking them out. You’ll want to play a lot of Dice Masters to get to test out all of these cards!

Finally, Unstable Canister is going to reward you for having a high level turtle in the Field Zone. User beware though –if your opponent rolls energy on their Foot Ninja, they’ll be able to use Unstable Canister’s Global Ability to KO your characters! This is a card that is certain to see tournament play.