Dice Masters Fans! The Marvel Dice Masters: Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set is coming soon, and we’ve got some exciting previews of what cards you’ll see! Today we’ll be showing off three Basic Action Cards.

First off is a card that will be familiar to Dice Masters veterans: Cone of Cold. This Basic Action Card is perfect for when your opponent has a trio of blockers that you need to make chill out. Even if you don’t get to purchase it immediately, you’ll be able to use its Global Ability to boost the attack of your blocked character dice – hopefully it’s enough to KO your opponent’s blocker!

Next up is another familiar card – Smash! This card is better for removing blockers based on their level, instead of their defense. If you manage to block while it’s out, the Global Ability will ensure your opponent’s attacker isn’t able to harm your blocker. It’s a super effective solution to big threats with Overcrush! (We’re looking at you, Hulk.)

Finally, Hypervelocity is a Basic Action Card that will make you rethink the way your match goes. At the end of every turn, if you’ve attacked with no character dice, you’ll lose 2 life. For a one-time fee of 3 life, you or your opponent might be able to move Hypervelocity to the Used Pile, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s back! It’ll be interesting to see which new strategies emerge from Hypervelocity that are new to Dice Masters.