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Denorios Expansion Pack

The Denorios is a Bajoran Solar Sailor. These ships are powered by solar sails and are capable of traveling at faster-than-light speeds using tachyon eddies. The Denorios was piloted by Akorem Laan, a famous Bajoran poet. After his ship was damaged by an ion storm, Akorem entered the Bajoran Wormhole and returned 200 years later.

Dreadnought Expansion Pack

The Dreadnought is a Cardassian ATR-4107 missile. This weapon of mass destruction was sent to destroy a Maquis munitions base on Planetoid Alpha 441, but failed due to a faulty kinetic detonator. It was later reprogrammed by the Maquis and used against the Cardassians.

Robinson Expansion Pack

The Robinson is a Jem’Hadar attack ship that was captured by Captain Benjamin Sisko. Sisko led a select crew on a secret mission to a Dominion held planetoid and destroyed their main ketracel-white facility. The Robinson suffered heavy damage as they narrowly escaped the planetoid’s security net.

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