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U.S.S. Hathaway Expansion Pack

The U.S.S. Hathaway is a Federation Constellation-class ship. It was used in a battle simulation with the U.S.S. Enterprise-D while in orbit of the planet Braslota II. Wiliam T. Riker was the captain of the Hathaway for this exercise.

Halik Raider Expansion Pack

The Halik Raider is a Kazon Raider. These vessels were stolen from the Trabe and utilized by the Kazon, a race regarded by the Borg as an unremarkable species and not worthy of assimilation. Many Kazon raiders are equipped with variable yield photonics charges.

Scorpion 4 Expansion Pack

The Scorpion-class ships are attack fighters used by the Reman. These small vessels are warp-capable and have the ability to cloak. A number of them were aboard the Scimitar. Jean-Luc Picard, who had been captured by the Shinzon, was rescued by Data and used one of these fighters to escape.

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