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Star Trek: Attack Wing- Temporal Cold War Storyline Organized Play Series

Prevent the multi species alliance, the Xindi, from destroying humanity in this new Star Trek: Attack Wing Storyline Organized Play program! Starting October 2015, WizKids kicks off the Temporal Cold War, three-month storyline organized play program. In Temporal Cold War, stores carrying Star Trek: Attack Wing will host tournaments featuring scenario games based on the Xindi world and their alternate timelines. Players will be able to collect a participation prize each month as well as compete for new playable ships that will only be offered during the Temporal Cold War Organized Play Series. The player with the best record over the three-month event will be bestowed the title of Fleet Admiral and awarded a special grand prize at the end of the program.

Temporal Cold War Event One: Shockwave

While on a mission to meet with the colonists at the rapidly growing mining colony on the planet Paraagan II, your fleet is set upon by an enemy fleet. The level of tetrazine gas in the atmosphere is extremely dangerous and highly susceptible to explosion if exposed to sufficient heat. If your battle gets too close to the planet’s surface, the colony will be destroyed.

Each Temporal Cold War Event One OP Kit includes:

  • “Shockwave” Instructions & Score Sheet
  • Participation Prizes: (10) Protocol Cards
  • Competitive Prizes: (3) Diaspora/ Xindi Insectoid Starship Pre-Painted Plastic Ships

Temporal Cold War Event Two: Future Tense

You discover a small craft adrift in space, and conclude that it is apparently from the future. In order to study it further, you attempt to retrieve it, but as you do so, you are set upon by an enemy fleet. They, too, want to retrieve and study the ship, and so you are locked in a battle to control the small craft or, at the very least, to prevent the enemy from doing so.

Each Temporal Cold War Event Two OP Kit includes:

  • “Future Tense” Instructions & Score Sheet
  • Participation Prizes: (10) Advanced Technology Cards
  • Competitive Prizes: (3) Azati Prime/ Xindi Aquatic Cruiser Pre-Painted Plastic Ships

Temporal Cold War Event Three: Zero Hour

The Sphere Builders have lost the confidence of some of the Xindi species, and so they have convinced the Xindi-Reptilians and the Xindi-Insectoids that they will become the dominant species if they steal the Xindi Super Weapon and use it to attack the Earth. While a fleet is sent to intercept the weapon, another enters the spatial anomalies in the Delphic Expanse to disable Sphere 41 and cause a chain reaction that would result in the destruction of the entire Sphere network. Your fleet enters the transformed space anomaly to find and destroy Sphere 41.

Each Temporal Cold War Event Three OP Kit includes:

  • “Zero Hour” Instructions & Score Sheet
  • Participation Prizes: (10) Main Power Grid Cards
  • Competitive Prizes: (3) Xindus/ Xindi Reptilian Warship Pre-Painted Plastic Ships
  • Grand Prizes: (2) The Temporal Cold War Card Pack

Please note: No Organized Play is scheduled in December in recognition of the difficulty of scheduling/attending event during the busy holiday season for both players and stores.

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