Star Trek: Attack Wing – Klingon Civil War (3-month) Storyline Organized Play Series

“We cannot regain our honor by acting dishonorably!” – Worf

The Klingon Civil War has come to Star Trek: Attack Wing! Support either House of Gowron or House of Duras in their attempts to name the next chancellor of the Klingon High Council in this three-month Storyline Organized Play (OP) program!

Klingon Civil War – Attack on Gowron (Month 1)

The Rite of Succession has been completed and Gowron is named the new leader of the Klingon High Council. After boarding his flagship, Gowron prepares to leave Qo’noS, but is immediately set upon by an enemy fleet. The House of Duras does not agree with the decision of the Arbiter of Succession and attempts to kill Gowron.

 Will they succeed? Or will Gowron’s fleet thwart the assassination attempt?

Each Klingon Civil War – Attack on Gowron OP Kit includes:

Klingon Civil War – Battle of Mempa (Month 2)

The forces that remain loyal to Gowron and the forces of the House of Duras are engaging in the Mempa system and strong reinforcements will be the key to victory. Whoever wins this battle will gain control of the Mempa Sector and will have a decisive hold over the system.

Will your reinforcements arrive in time, or will you be routed by your opponent?

Each Klingon Civil War – Battle of Mempa OP Kit includes:

Klingon Civil War – Baiting the Romulans (Month 3)

The Romulans have secretly been involved in the Klingon Civil War, lending aid to the House of Duras in their battle against the forces of Gowron. A plan has been devised to draw them out into the open and a tachyon detection grid has been set up that will reveal any cloaked ships that enter the sector.

Can you draw out and defeat the Romulan ships?

Each Klingon Civil War – Baiting the Romulans OP Kit includes:

Storyline Grand Prize 

Awarded to the player with the highest total Battle Points after the Month Three Event.

  • 2 Grand Prize Sela’s Warbird/D’deridex Class Starship Prize Ship
    • 1 Plastic Base (2 Plastic Pegs)
    • 1 Maneuver Dial
    • 10 Cards (2 Ship, 1 Maneuver, 1 Captain, 1 Admiral, 1 Additional Rules and 4 Upgrade Cards)
    • 3 Token Sheets (4 Captain IDs, 1 Ship, 1 Fleet Action and 1 Admiral Token)

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