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D&D Attack Wing: Rage of Demons Storyline Organized Play

The D&D Attack Wing Organized Play Campaign Adventures continue with the Rage of Demons Storyline. Prove yourself as a ferocious fighter on the battlefield in the epic scenarios of the Rage of Demons Storyline OP Event. First, stop the gnoll servants of Yeenoghu from bringing the chaos of the Underdark to the Forgotten Realms. Then, defeat the rivaling demon lords of fungi and ooze before they eradicate everything in their path. Finally, banish the fearsome demon lord of the Underdark, Demogorgon, before he sows dissension within the populace. Will you be the champion the Forgotten Realms needs to defeat the demon lords or will the fiendish demons triumph and reign supreme?

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D&D Attack Wing: Rage of Demons Storyline Organized Play

OP Campaign Adventure #10: The Wrath of Yeenoghu

The demon lords are ravaging the Underdark, and all hell has broken loose. 

Most of the subterranean realm’s inhabitants are quite unhappy about it. A notable exception is the gnolls, who trace their ancenstry to the hyena-faced demon lord Yeenoghu. Hordes of gnolls are forming war camps up on the surface as they prepare to cause wanton slaughter and destruction to appease their demon master. 

Your legion has been tasked with overcoming one of these gnoll camps, but as you approach at dusk, you see only a small force of gnolls surrounding a campfire, surrounded by a simple palisade. You also notice a rival legion, also hunting the gnolls, arriving from the other direction. 

As both you and the rival legion charge in to engage the gnolls from opposite directions, you realize that the gnolls, bloodthirsty and battle-crazed as they are, do know a little something about strategy and tactics. Most of the gnolls were hidden, lying in wait, ready to spring out and ambush both of the invading legions. Before you can get a full sense of what’s happening, chaos erupts on all sides. You and the rival legion are completely surrounded by bloodthirsty, rampaging gnolls. The wrath of Yeenoghu has found a new battleground… 

D&D Attack Wing: Rage of Demons Storyline OP Kit 1 (Scenario #10) includes:

OP Campaign Adventure #11: Wedding Crashers

Now that the demon lords have invaded the Underdark, their old rivalries are heating up. Zuggtmoy, the demon queen of fungi, seeks to increase her power by means of a ritual domination of Araumycos, a massive fungus which may very well be the oldest living being in the world. She’s calling this ritual a wedding. 

Zuggtmoy’s longtime enemy, the demon prince Juiblex, who claims dominion over oozes and slimes of all kinds, seeks to prevent or interrupt this ritual, and has been hunting Zuggtmoy throughout the vast subterranean realm. Wherever the two have trod, spore-spewing fungi war with caustic slimes for control of every square inch of cave floor, wall, and ceiling. 

Fortunately, these beings, deadly when encountered alone, have weakened each other enough that it might be possible to defeat them and their minions by spreading an admixture capable of damaging both, a substance which your legion has been given, along with the task of clearing out the hordes of fungi and ooze. A rival legion has arrived with the same task, and the question now is whether your legions will work together, or compete against one another exactly like the creatures you were sent to destroy.

D&D Attack Wing: Rage of Demons Storyline OP Kit 2 (Scenario #11) includes:

OP Campaign Adventure #12: The Two Faces of Madness

Demogorgon is arguably the most fearsome demon lord of those recently unleashed upon the Underdark, yet your legion has accepted the daunting task of fighting and banishing him. You and another legion converge on the demon lord’s last known whereabouts, and discover him near the shores of Darklake, to the apparent amusement of his two heads, which share a blood-curdling chortle. 

As one head looks at a member of your legion, Demogorgon’s other head looks at a member of the other legion, and suddenly, the two creatures’ hatred of the demon is transferred to each other. Another pair is selected, and then another, until finally every creature no longer cares that the giant demon is departing, each wanting only to end the existence of his counterpart in the other legion. 

As Demogorgon’s echoing laughter resounds throughout the cavern, you scream in impotent rage and hear it echoed in the voices of all assembled. You will stop that demon. You will. But first, the abomination across from you must die!

D&D Attack Wing: Rage of Demons Storyline OP Kit 3 (Scenario #12) includes:

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